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The Psychology of Property Hotspotting

Property Hotspotting is as much about a mindset as it is about spending days looking at statistics and spreadsheets, and the two approaches are powerful in combination. Empower Wealth's Ben Kingsley sat down with Property Observer to provide an insight to his philosophy of finding the next suburb to grow in value, particularly in terms of long...

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How to create an insanely effective purchase plan

If you’ve started off buying property haphazardly, with no clear plan on when and what to buy next, you’re not alone. Many of us buy what we can when we can, most of the time. But, according to experts, doing it this way is not only inefficient but also attracts unnecessary risk. Without a clear game plan on how you’re going to grow your p...

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Behind the scenes with Bryce Holdaway

Director, Property Advisor and Buyers Agent of Empower Wealth and co-host of Location Location Location Australia, Bryce Holdaway had a short interview with Property Observer to share his passion for property, his experience in the industry and some tips to purchasing an investment grade property. One of the tips that he shared with us is the Fi...

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RBA Rate decision – August 2013

As heavily anticipated at its board meeting today the RBA has reduced the cash rate by 0.25% to 2.5%.  Glenn Stephen’s comments earlier this month around having ‘reasonable scope’ to reduce rates follows on from his previous comments regarding the slower than anticipated move in economic activity away from the mining sector into the general ...

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RBA Rate decision – September 2013

Not even the biggest of mug punters would have bet on a further rate cut this month so close to Saturday’s federal election.  That’s right, as expected the RBA left the cash rate on hold.  Even though the RBA is independent of any sitting government, it is fair to say the upcoming election, in my view, is something the RBA must factor into th...

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TV vs. Reality – what’s the difference?

I often pinch myself when I think about the blessed professional life that I live! As co-host of Location Location Location Australia, I get the opportunity to travel around this amazing country meeting lots of great people from all walks of life as they invite me into their lives and seek help with (potentially) the biggest decision they will e...

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The Overlooked Market Factor

If capital growth is high on your investment agenda, owner occupier trends need to be on your radar. In the August 2013 - Smart Property Investment Magazine, Ben Kingsley writes about the need to assess a whole range of factors influencing the property market if order to be a successful property investor. More often than not though, one of the most...

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Buy Property with Zero Repayments

Wouldn’t you love to own a rental property that doesn’t cost you a cent in repayments? Imagine how nice would it be to have the investment property paying for itself and you needn't worry about skipping a weekend out to save the money needed to that next loan repayment. Well, it is possible – you just get the tenant to pay the mortgage. With ...

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Home is where the Drama Lives

Bryce Holdaway, Director of Empower Wealth and Co-Host of Location Location Location Australia was recently interviewed by the Herald Sun. In this interview, Bryce shares his experience as a Buyers Agent in Empower Wealth and a Buyers Agent on TV. Here's a snippet of the article: “It’s the great Australian barbecue topic,” says Bryce Hold...

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