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Our process begins with an in-depth chat focused on you…

  • A member of our Client Liaison Team will call you to discuss your individual circumstances and goals that you’ve provided in Moorr, our secure online platform. This helps us understand exactly what you want to achieve and allows us to recommend the best place for you to start. 
  • From here we’ll then set up your free initial appointment with one of our qualified advisors. In this meeting you’ll get a crystal-clear view of where you are at in your financial journey, an overview of the different types of property investment strategies, and how they will compliment your unique circumstances.  
  • You’ll also discover how to find investment-grade properties and build a portfolio that pays you $2,000 a week in passive income, while still enjoying your freedom and lifestyle.  

How Did They Do It?!

Discover how these aspiring Australian’s found their financial peace through building property.

This Consultation will help if you have questions like...

  • How much does it really cost, and how long does it take to build a stress-free property portfolio we can live off?
  • Is “passive income” through property a possibility or a pipe-dream? And will we have enough to retire comfortably?
  • What’s happening with property now (where are we in the property cycle and what locations should we be investing in)?
  • What types of properties should we be looking at (units, houses, off-the-plan, new, established, or perhaps even commercial properties)?
  • What’s the best way to get a loan and structure it for maximum returns, easy serviceability, and tax savings?
  • What’s the best way to get started (taking into consideration our current stage of life and changes that will occur in the coming years)?

What our Clients Say

One of my friends recommended the Podcast to listen to. It took about four episodes and a free webinar for us to jump onto a Property Portfolio Plan. The process is very involved and the information gathered was a lot, but the staff were very friendly and that made the process easy. With our current situation in life, the plan took a while to get organised, but that was due to Christmas and the birth of our child. All in all, the plan is very detailed and has given us a path to follow. We're looking forward to the rest of our lives :-)

Nick Dickinson

I have been extremely impressed with Empower Wealth. I have always wanted to invest in property but did not have a clear idea about how to start. Empower Wealth have helped me develop an easy-to-follow plan for action and have set the wheels in motion for my first property investment. They have explained things clearly and have thought of everything from asset selection, borrowing capacity, cash flow management and protection of assets. Not only have they helped develop a plan, their Money SMARTS system is helping me to save every week! Empower Wealth is a fantastic one-stop company for property investment!

Andrew Court

We have been very impressed by the professionalism shown by Empower Wealth. I have listened to The Property Couch podcasts and have high expectations about Empower Wealth. Our expectations have been met ... nay ... exceeded by the time we have been in contact with Empower Wealth and Stuart Bartram our Property Investment Advisor. Our Property Portfolio Plan took awhile to come together but we wouldn't have it any other way as it's quite a complex piece of documents where both parties need to take time to understand each other's needs to input all that into the model. And what a fantastic model that Empower Wealth has! If you are considering your retirement plans, regardless whether you're young or older, I'd highly recommend giving Empower Wealth a shot at helping you with that. It's not cheap but you get what you pay for. Is your future worth gambling on free advice? We're very happy with what we've received and we're paying for peace of mind for our future. We now have a workable plan that we can follow to achieve our retirement. Thank you Empower Wealth!

William Woon

I can't thank Joel enough for all his time and efforts developing our Property Portfolio Plan. He is a very personable guy and Kayla and myself would consider him a friend. He took the time to explain everything deeply and worked very closely with us to develop a very personal plan to make our goals become a reality into the future.

Ben Weick

I had a gut feeling that if I choose Empower Wealth, I will be in safe hands . You guys proved that correct. Thanks to Damien, Dean, Christa and all the members who were part of our journey towards first investment property! God bless you all!

Roy Verma

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I'm not in Melbourne or Sydney?

    Our offices are in North Melbourne, Victoria, and Sydney, NSW but we also deal with clients across Australia, and we even have a few international clients too! If you are not able to come to our offices, meetings can be conducted online, so that would not be a problem at all. You’ll still get to see us and the computer for all the cashflow projections and modeling that might take place during your consultation.

  • Why do I need to provide information/fill in the Moorr Platform before we meet?

    At Empower Wealth, we follow a 5-step process to make sure we deliver the best possible advice and service to our clients.

    The first step to the Empower Wealth journey is to clarify. We achieved this by asking our clients to fill in an Online Fact Find via our customer portal; Moorr. It asked questions such as your current assets and liabilities, incomes, expenses and future plans. We don’t want to give the wrong advice because we didn’t have a very clear picture of our clients’ circumstances and that is why you’ll need to complete the portal in order to lock in a time with our advisors.

    Once you input your financial story, you will be impressed with the informative insights this free portal will offer you about your current and future financial story. It’s fair to say that the Moorr is not simply a Fact Find portal. It’s interactive and most importantly, it’s insightful.

    It’ll be able to provide you with a lot of insights regarding your own cashflow position, spending habits and where you can improve on. Also, if you’re implementing Money SMARTS, then the portal will be able to keep you on track and allow you to see where you’re doing really well and where you might have dropped off from budget.

    To log in to Moorr, just go to

  • What happens after I fill in my details?

    Once you’ve filled Moorr, especially the Income, Expenses, Assets and Borrowings section, our Advisors will review your details to make sure they are the right fit for your unique circumstances. Once they’ve reviewed it, they’ll get in touch to lock in a mutually convenient time. Depending on how complicated your circumstance is and our advisors’ workload, this will take roughly 3 – 5 working days.

    We are sorry for such a delay, but just like you, we want to give everyone who is seeking to meet with us the due care and attention we will give to you when your turn comes up.

    In the meantime though, we strongly recommend you to explore Moorr and all the features and insights on Money SMARTS and Money FIT. You can watch Ben’s demo video here to learn more about it.

    And if you haven’t already done so, make sure download our best-seller book, Make Money Simple Again. It’s like an instruction manual to implementing Money SMARTS and we’re currently offering a free e-copy! Just go to to download a copy.

  • Is my personal information in Moorr safe?

    We take data security very seriously at Empower Wealth. As such, the portal is covered by 2 factor authentication via SMS and it complies with security best practices according to the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

    We’ve also enforced both authentication (identifying and verifying user), and authorisation (only allowing permission users to access information) protocols in the portal. Encryption is also used on the networking and database level.

    And we strongly recommend our users to use high level and complicated password for additional security. Avoid using simple text and numbers and birthdays of yourself, partners or family members. We recommend passwords to include:

    • At least 1 Upper Case alphabet
    • At least 1 Lower Case alphabet
    • Include Numbers
    • Include characters like: !,@%$


  • Is the initial consultation free?

    Yes, the initial consultation is free of charge, with no obligation to use any of our services after the consultation as well.

  • What services does Empower Wealth offer?

    Although we are mainly a property-centric firm, we offer a range of services. Apart from Property Investment Advice, Mortgage Broking Services, Buyers Agent Services and Property Portfolio Plans, we also offer Financial Planning and Tax Accounting services that cover review of Superannuation, Self Managed Super Funds, investment in shares and bonds, insurances and more.

    What we don’t provide is property management services. We do however have a panel of recommendations for these services. For more information on our Services, please visit Our Services page.

  • How do I reduce my taxes?

    Tax is a by-product of financial success. Planning and utilising appropriate structures can certainly help minimise taxes over the investment cycle, however it should never be the principal driver behind investment decisions.

  • How much does advice cost?

    Our advice differs in price depending on the specific service you are after — rest assured, we will ALWAYS be up front in how much it will cost and get your consent in writing before we proceed.

    Where appropriate, we charge a fixed fee so there won’t be any nasty surprises and try our best to split payments where possible, so you don’t experience a significant disruption to your cashflow.

    Some of our services are free, while others do have a fee.

    Our Mortgage Broking services do not cost the client anything as we are paid commission by the Banks.

    Our Property Investment Advice, Financial Planning, Buyers Agent Services and Tax Advice are all fee for service. Like everyone else, we are not a fan of unexpected surprises, so prior to engagement, we will quote you the full amount including GST. The total amount of fees can vary depending on what you are looking for and we would need to talk to you further to tailor the services to your needs. A minimum deposit would usually be charged but the full amount will be charged when the service is fully completed and you are satisfied with the outcome.

    If you would like a list of our Statement of Fees (keep in mind, this doesn’t explain exactly what you get in each service offering) please get in touch with us on the Contact Us Page. Your specialist advisor will also be completely transparent in how much we charge and what you can expect. 

  • How thorough is the initial consultation

    The initial consultation is around 30 minutes to 1 hour, and how thorough it is depends on how prepared you are. Prior to the initial consultation, we will require a completed Fact Find from you. An account for our client portal, “Moorr” will be created for you when you send a request for an appointment, so you can start filling in your Fact Find.

    It usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete this Fact Find, and the more information you provide us with, the more we can prepare and customise the consultation according to your unique and specific needs.

  • How can I effectively invest my surplus income?

    A surplus of income or cash flow is the fundamental springboard from which a sound wealth creation strategy can be created. The surplus income should be directed into investments that will meet your financial objectives, provide you with flexibility and control, and are appropriate to the amount of risk you are prepared to take.

  • Why do I need a plan?

    A financial journey is no different from any other journey – if you don’t have a Plan that tells you where you are going and how you are going to get there, it’s very unlikely that you’ll end up where you want to be.

    Life isn’t about money, but there’s a good chance that the lifestyle you would like to enjoy will cost money along the way. Having a Plan which helps you ensure that the money will be there when you need it is a critical factor in achieving the lifestyle you want, and Empower Wealth has a Property Portfolio Plan that might help you to do just that.

    If you’d like to find out more details on the Property Portfolio Plan, what’s the process and what’s included in it, just go to:


  • How can I start with Property Investment?

    The best way to start with Property Investment is to establish a plan. Think about your current situation and cashflow. How much are you spending and how much are you saving? Once you’ve got an understanding of your cashflow, move on to your future plans. Do you want to start a family? Are you changing jobs? When do you want to go for a world tour? All these may seem a bit far-fetched at the moment but as soon as you’ve got an idea on what you want to do in the future, you might think otherwise. Once you get all of these sorted, then you can start building your property portfolio plan.

    There are two things you need to do when you are starting the plan. The first is to conduct thorough research. Get as much material as you can to increase your knowledge on what to expect. What kind of property yields a higher return? Which strategy suits your cashflow position? Should you get a house or a unit? By gaining a deeper understanding you will be able to anticipate any curve balls that may come your way during the process. The second step is to get professional assistance. The property investment industry is unregulated so you need to be aware of spruikers and unqualified advisors that ‘claim’ to be acting in your best interest. Bryce has created a video series that talks about all these and more.

    Empower Wealth is a corporate member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA). If you would like to speak to someone or get direction on how you can get started with your wealth creation journey, we offer a Free One-hour consultation with our experienced, independent and most importantly, qualified advisors. Simply fill in the form at the top of this page and someone will contact you in the next 48 hours to discuss further.

Here are some of our common FAQs!

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