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What our Clients Say

"Myself and my partner have recently undertaken a property portfolio plan until retirement with empower wealth. We are in a unique situation where I am about to transition from defence, we have moved interstate and my partner does not have a job as yet. Regardless of all of this, Paul and his team at empower wealth have been able to account for all of our future plans and created a really solid plan to retirement. It is early days yet but we are both very excited and optimistic for the future knowing that if we follow our plan, we will be very comfortable in retirement."

Leon Thompson

"I have been extremely impressed with Empower Wealth. I have always wanted to invest in property but did not have a clear idea about how to start. Empower Wealth have helped me develop an easy-to-follow plan for action and have set the wheels in motion for my first property investment. They have explained things clearly and have thought of everything from asset selection, borrowing capacity, cash flow management and protection of assets. Not only have they helped develop a plan, their Money SMARTS system is helping me to save every week! Empower Wealth is a fantastic one-stop company for property investment!"

Andrew Court

"One of my friends recommended the Podcast to listen to. It took about four episodes and a free webinar for us to jump onto a Property Portfolio Plan. The process is very involved and the information gathered was a lot, but the staff were very friendly and that made the process easy. With our current situation in life the plan took a while to get organised, but that was due to Christmas and the birth of our child. All in all, the plan is very detailed and has given us a path to follow. We're looking forward to the rest of our lives"

Nick Dickinson

"We have been very impressed by the professionalism shown by Empower Wealth. I have listened to The Property Couch podcasts and have high expectations about Empower Wealth. Our expectations have been met ... nay ... exceeded by the time we have been in contact with Empower Wealth and Stuart Bartram our property investment advisor. Our Property Portfolio Plan took awhile to come together but we wouldn't have it any other way as it's quite a complex piece of documents where both parties need to take time to understand each other's needs to input all that into the model. And what a fantastic model that Empower Wealth has! If you are considering your retirement plans, regardless whether you're young or older, I'd highly recommend giving Empower Wealth a shot at helping you with that. It's not cheap but you get what you pay for. Is your future worth gambling on free advice? We're very happy with what we've received and we're paying for peace of mind for our future. We now have a workable plan which we can follow to achieve our retirement. Thank you Empower Wealth!"

William Woon

"Brendan was fantastic to work with and was able to tailor a plan to our very specific needs. Empower wealth made the process simple and easy, but there is just no way we would have been able to do this on our own. Their advice and guidance have been invaluable. I now have the confidence and support team I need to start my investment journey. "

Amy Tate

"I can't thank Joel enough for all his time and efforts developing our Property Portfolio Plan. He is a very personable guy and Kayla and myself would consider him a friend. He took the time to explain everything deeply and worked very closely with us to develop a very personal plan to make our goals become a reality into the future."

Ben Weick

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