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Property investment education

Empower Wealth is no stranger to providing good quality and educational content when it comes to the property industry, whether you are buying your first home or an investment property. We truly believe that knowledge is empowering, but only if you act on it.

Why Should You Use a Buyers Agent?
Why Should You Use a Buyers Agent?
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What is Negative Gearing and Why It’s NOT a Strategy?
What is Negative Gearing and Why It’s NOT a Strategy?
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Why shouldn’t you neglect Stock on Market?
Why shouldn’t you neglect Stock on Market?
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Empower Wealth’s “How To” sessions provide a wealth of information on property investment, superannuation, market trends, and more. These videos are for everyone, including new investors and experienced investors alike.

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Empower Wealth Book

Empower Wealth Book

The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, How to retire on $2,000 a week is a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of money management, risk assessment, and picking a winning property that gives readers a full toolkit to be a successful property investor.

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Property formula videos

Money Hacks Video Series

In this video series, Bryce Holdaway, will be sharing THREE free training videos in regards to a simple rules based money management system that will trap your surplus every month!

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Free reports & resources

Free reports & resources

At Empower Wealth, we believe that knowledge is power and so have made available a range of free property & financial investment reports to help our clients become as knowledgeable and empowered as possible.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

As industry leaders, Empower Wealth team members are regularly invited as keynote speakers and presenters for numerous professional events across the country. See upcoming and past events.

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