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How to Mitigate Property Risks?

In my last video, I talked to you about the risks of investing in residential property and they are important things to consider. There were five of them. There was legislation risk, gearing risk, general or what I call value risk, tenancy risk, and liquidity risk. Now I want to talk to you today about mitigating those risks. Now when it comes t...

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RBA Rate Decision – February 2014

Hello Ben Kingsley here with the RBA rates announcement just released. Cash rate remained on hold at 2.5%. The RBA will also release the minutes of the meeting which will give us a further indication in terms of how they're looking and what sort of position they are taking in terms of rates. Right now though, I think the settings are about ri...

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Retire Sooner and Richer

Maximising your profits through property investing may be best achieved over the long term, but there are smart strategies you can use now to fast-track your profit an retire sooner. In the December 2013 Issue of Your Investment Property Magazine (YIP Magazine), Ben Kingsley, our CEO & Founder contributed to the cover story: Retire Sooner and...

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8 Tips to Buy in a Hot Market

I’ve been buying property on behalf of clients since October 1998 and in that time I have experienced many hot property markets.  Having moved from Perth to Queensland in 2002 and then to Melbourne in 2006 as well as travelling around the country filming Location Location Location Australia for the last 3 years, it sometimes seemed like I was of...

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