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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

What do you Look for in a Buyers Advocate?

If you’re looking to work with a Buyers Advocate, you need to ask the question: What am I looking for in my Buyers Advocate/Buyers Agent? Well, the first question is coming back at you and that is why are you actually buying?

If you’re buying for owner occupier purposes, then a local buyers agent who knows their city, or their area within the city is going to be a good buyers advocate to work with because they have local knowledge, local connections and for me, that’s the baseline of any good buyers agent or buyers advocate.

But when you’re looking to invest in property, it is important to understand to actually look beyond that.

If you are with a buyers agent who only knows their own backyard and you are actually looking for a return on your investment, there will be a conflict because your investment may be better served somewhere else.

So, these days, when you’re looking to invest in property, don’t just think about a buyers agent or a buyers advocate, you actually need to think about a research team. A team or a business that will take you into different states and different marketplace that has got more likely uplift as oppose to flat. Nothing upsets me more when I see people buying into a flat market or a marketplace that already has its run and you’re about to invest several hundreds of thousands of dollars. You might have a flat returns for several years and you still got to service that debt.

Its absolutely important that when you’re looking to select a buyers agent or a buyers advocate for investment purposes, that you talk about what sort of research platform are they using? Are they focusing on Australia first and then identifying the areas within Australia. The market within the markets to get the best returns possible for you. And are they willing to go find those properties in those markets for you? It is absolutely imperative that you work with a buyers agent that has a property investment focus if you’re looking to invest. Don’t just invest in your own backyard. Don’t be sold or convinced that they are going to get the best returns in your own backyard because that’s all they know. They’ve got limited appeal and limited knowledge scope. You need to be working with a buyers agent who can get you into those markets and find the best opportunities that are going to get you great returns now and meet your investment goals.

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