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Financial planning articles & tips

Financial planning can seem like such a broad term and quite often, people don’t know what financial planning involves or how having a financial planner can benefit them. We have a range of articles and How To Sessions covering a multitude of different topics to help you understand the areas in which a financial planner can help you, such as through investing, superannuation, insurance and estate planning.

Most injuries happen at home, not work

The latest injury statistics are a stark reminder that accidents can happen anywhere, but are less likely to happen at work, making it critically important to hold comprehensive life insurance including income protection. Income protection insurance provides invaluable financial protection against disability as a result of sickness or injury by...

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Divergence: VanEck’s 2024 Q2 Summary 

Please Note: This report was created and provided by VanEck. After a few years where monetary policy around the world was more or less in sync, 2024 looks different with some central banks about to go their separate ways. China continues to ease, albeit reluctantly. The US Fed and central banks across Europe sound increasingly hot to trot on ...

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Meet Sarah Wing-Tang

Sarah is a key member of Empower Wealth's Financial Planning Administration team. From her background in superannuation to her role at Empower Wealth, Sarah shares how she forms meaningful relationships with clients, ensuring they feel confident in their decisions and helping them towards their financial goals. Transcript My name is Sarah, I...

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The Basics: SMSF & Property

Let’s get down to basics! In this short 90-seconds video, Ben briefly explains why superannuation is so important in Australia and the connection between Self-Funded Superannuation Fund (SMSF) and Property. It's important to remember, though, that while the video shares helpful information, it's not telling you to invest in a SMSF. Everyone's...

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Pros and Cons of SMSF Property

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of an SMSF Property! In this short video, Ben & Bryce chat about the leverage and tax benefits, the limitations and some of the compliance requirements you need to think about before buying an SMSF Property. Please note that while the video shares helpful information, it's not telling you to invest ...

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3 Crucial Tips Before Selling Your Property!

Are the increasing interest rates making you ponder selling your property? You're not alone! BUT Hold onto Your Property!Before you make that significant decision, take a look at this brief video to ensure you've thoroughly thought through these 3 essential must-dos! Should you be in search of experienced and qualified advisors, we're here t...

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Meet Sam Caton

Sam is our Customer Support Manager working within the Financial Planning team, and ensures the smooth running of the team’s day-to-day activities. Transcript My name is Sam and I'm the Admin Manager for the Financial Planning Team. I started working at Empower Wealth about nine and a half years ago now. It was just me and two advisors at ...

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A habit of Higher: VanEck’s 2023 Q4 Summary 

Please Note: This report was created and provided by VanEck. For investors, it feels like an episode of The Twilight Zone. What is happening, does not reflect reality. It remains to be seen, but only after the most recent Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting with the market sell off, did it seem like normal transmission may have resum...

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Carry Forward Concessional Contributions

This is the last year to use unused carry-forward concessional contributions accrued in the 2018/19 financial year. With stage 3 tax cuts on the horizon, now is a great time to think about using carry-forward concessional contributions.  Background  Carry-forward concessional contributions (CCs) allow individuals to use unused CC c...

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Navigating Landing: VanEck’s 2023 Q3 Summary

Please Note: This report was created and provided by VanEck. During the past quarter, the US government narrowly avoided defaulting on its debt. Like many of the previous 78 times Congress has acted to revise or extend the ceiling, this one came down to the wire. Many market participants thought this time would be different and that the comprom...

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Education Bonds: Unlocking a New Future

Education Bonds offer a blend of tax advantages, flexible investment strategies, and wealth transfer capabilities that set them apart from their counterparts. Recent innovative product design means Education Bonds offer an enticing strategy that not only caters to education funding but also embraces diverse financial needs. Education Bonds - Th...

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