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Property investment & wealth building events

As industry leaders, Empower Wealth team members are regularly invited as keynote speakers and presenters for numerous professional events across the country. We pride ourselves on being able to back our claims with reliable data and explain complex property concepts in simple and easy to understand terms. Here are some of the events that we’ve been involved in. If you would like to invite us to speak at your event, please click here.

Free Masterclass: How To Build A Property Portfolio And Retire On $2,000 A Week

Have you set yourself up for success?
With our exclusive, Free Masterclass, you can.
Learn How To Build A Property Portfolio And Retire On $2,000 A Week In Any Market, the #3 little-known secrets behind building a great property portfolio, how you can build a roadmap for life, and so much more in one jam-packed class. Register here today!

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Money Hacks Video Series

[REVEALED] The Money Saving Hacks the Banks don’t want you to know about!   In these videos, you will learn: Money Saving Hack #1 — How To Make Sure You NEVER Pay Interest on Your Credit Card Money Saving Hack #2 — How To Never Unconsciously Overspend Ever Again Money Saving Hack #3 — How […]

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