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Building a wealthier future for our clients

At Empower Wealth, we truly believe that increasing one’s wealth position is possible for anyone and everyone interested in making it happen. From saving for your first home, to buying it and then building off its wealth base, to Superannuation, to identifying best use of your household’s surplus income, to building a multi-million dollar property portfolio… It’s possible, but for almost every one of us, we need professional assistance.

Why work with us?

If building wealth to secure your financial independence and a superior standard of living and quality of life was easy, then everyone would be successful at it.

There are thousands of professionals all over Australia, working with millions of Australians trying to improve the wealth positions of their clients. However the reality is less than 10% of these people will actually retire wealthy.

That draws conclusions around two possible reasons why this is occurring:

  • Poor Advice
  • Client Engagement

Everything about wealth comes back to these two critical elements. The fact is, no poor decisions around money and wealth can be made without the client making or agreeing to them being made.

Furthermore, with so many mixed and conflicting messages in the marketplace about the best investment options being recommended by all different sources, it’s understandable why many Australians lack trust or become overwhelmed by the whole process, and either put it in the ‘too hard’ basket or when they actually engage others to do something for them, they get poor advice because they are not fully engaged.

The facts are, like professional sports, creating wealth is an acquired talent that requires many dedicated years and thousands of hours of your time to develop the skills and experience needed to have the knowledge and experience to be successful. And it’s time that most of you don’t have available in your already busy lives.

So, why do our clients choose us?

  • Firstly, we assess their needs, goals, desires and personal values and the role money and wealth will play today and for all their tomorrows.
  • We assess current and future cash flows ensuring adequate provisioning and current and future financial goals.
  • We tell them the honest truth about their situation and what’s possible from the advice we deliver.
  • We have the capabilities through our different business divisions and the talented specialists within these divisions to provide a complete integrated and tailored solution to meet their requirements. We can plan out a short and long term wealth creation road map for them to follow.
  • Our clients learn that it’s their decision about their money, money they have worked hard to earn and sacrificed their time – but they know they have a team of specialists there to assist them, along their journey.

Our clients are smart because they realise that working with Empower Wealth gives them the ability to leverage off a team of professional qualified and experienced specialists. They understand that getting many experienced and qualified minds on the job working for their benefit are better than just their own ideas and thoughts or that of a sole advisor. That is why Empower Wealth has developed an integrated advisory approach, bringing together the talents of qualified and experienced professionals from all wealth creation disciplines and combining their expertise. It combines many smart heads to ensure your wealth outcomes are better than what others can offer you. An integrated solution offering, where everyone is engaged in the development and implementation of a wealth strategy and plan that is specific to your needs and desires.

The choice is completely yours, and the solutions will be tailored to best suit your requirements and goals.

The reality is there is only a finite number of people we can help, and we are not a business that’s all things to all people, we are specialist working with private clients. Don’t let others enjoy greater wealth than you, simply because you think they had a better start at it, or because you didn’t think it was possible. Empower Wealth is a business whose sole purpose in opening its doors is to make more of our limited number of clients wealthier. Right now, that could mean you too. It’s your action in taking the first step to learn more about us and what we can provide for you. We’re here, ready, willing and most importantly able to help.

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