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In this Video series, Bryce Holdaway, Director & Property Advisor of Empower Wealth, Co-Host of The Property Couch Podcast, Escape from The City on ABC and Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel Lifestyle Chanelle will be sharing THREE free training videos in regards to a simple rules based money management system that will trap your surplus every month! To get started in this video series, please fill in the form below and you will receive your first free training video.

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[REVEALED] The Money Saving Hacks the Banks don’t want you to know about!

In these videos, you will learn:

  • Money Saving Hack #1 — How To Make Sure You NEVER Pay Interest on Your Credit Card
  • Money Saving Hack #2 — How To Never Unconsciously Overspend Ever Again
  • Money Saving Hack #3 — How To Put Your Finances on Autopilot

Let’s cut to the chase…
What you’re about to learn in this 3-Part Video series is will transform your money management!
So if you’re keen to do just that, I want to let you in on the three proven tweaks you can do with your money and your bank accounts so that you can take total control back of your money and, ultimately, trap more surplus cash.

Frankly, this stuff isn’t rocket science (it’s actually super easy)… but the reason the majority of folks don’t do what I’m about to teach you is simply because they don’t know about it.
Again, these money savings hacks DO work, and you’ll see “the proof in the pudding” as soon as you put them to work… so, enjoy 🙂

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