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Mortgage broking articles & tips

Feeling a bit overwhelmed in trying to find the right loan for your property? There are many different things to think about when getting a home loan, and some you might not have even considered. Check out our videos and articles to learn what to look out for when finding a mortgage broker to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible.

Merry Christmas & What A Year!

Good day, Ben Kingsley here, for what has become a bit of a tradition with our annual Christmas message. I'm getting a little bit older, I think, and now having to wear the glasses. I probably look a little bit more like Santa Claus, probably just need the gray beard. But it's coming, everyone. I just wanted to say, it has been a pretty in...

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RBA Cash Rate May 2021:

Hi, Ben Kingsley here with the latest economic update and the RBA update for May. The verdict is well and truly in — when money is cheap, the world goes around faster. We're basically seeing that show up now. The other important news is around inflation – and we're going to see this word, “transitionary” as the new buzzword. The p...

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