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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Brendan was very helpful when developing our plan. There was a clear consistency in messaging from him and the principles of The Property Couch podcast. The team were definitely signing from the same hymn book. Brendan was also very patient with us and was able to use the modelling tool to show us how we were better off changing our loans to interest only even if it resulted in a higher interest rate. We now look forward to seeing through the implementation of our plan.

- Daniel, VIC

David was very professional at all meetings and spent the time explaining the various scenarios being modelled until we fully understood and were able to make an informed decision on our future needs and wants.

- Brad, VIC

EmpowerWealth has given me a great realisation of the value and benefit of having a buyers agent. The deeper insights, the connection to quality services and the coverage across the whole process. Working with Christa has made the buying process so easy and very educational on a better way to look and purchase properties. I can’t wait to work with them again for my next investment property!

- Peter, VIC

Liz and Sam were outstanding with their service. We would highly recommend the team to everyone we know!!

- Preston, QLD

Information is empowering but only if you act on it is what Ben Kingsley says on the property couch and Stuart Bartram definitely gave us the confidence to act. If it wasn’t for Stuart we would never have started our journey to financial freedom he was excellent from the first meeting till the last.

- Daniel, NSW

Approaching Empower Wealth’s services with an open mind and trust was key — I was always able to talk to my advisor about any questions or doubts that I had, knowing that we’d always go through the scenarios and options in front of me until we found the right fit. Thanks David!

- Neil, VIC

Very happy with the service. Would recommend to all my friends. Joel did a fantastic job and we are thrilled with how our plan came together.

- Sam, VIC

A massive thank to Luke, Katie and the mortgage broking team, we can’t be any happier. They are extremely helpful, professional and always there to answer all the questions. Highly recommend!!

- Chealse, VIC

Cannot recommend enough – very pleased with the service! We were kept in the loop from day dot, and were able to contact various people at various points to ask questions, change details, and update our plan. As a young couple trying to get our affairs in order, this experience was invaluable and has definitely positively impacted our future outlook. Thank you Empower Wealth!

- Rebekah, NSW

My partner and I have decided to go through each department from Empower Wealth, including a full Property Portfolio Plan, using their brokerage services and the full buyer’s agency service. Damien helped answer all our questions not only relating to cashflows and property questions, but also in-depth finance questions. He really put our minds at ease during the whole process and made the steps clear and easy to follow. He took the time to understand our situation and future plans in order to plan and map out our property portfolio. Damien was friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for all the work Empower, and we look forward to completing our property portfolio with the assistance of your services.

- Matthew, VIC

Excellent team to deal with! Communication was excellent and I was informed the whole way through from borrowing to settlement which made the process seamless. I knew exactly what I needed to do and when to do it by. Big shout out to Dean, Mitch and David! Cheers

- Michael, VIC

We started our property investment journey 5 years ago buying properties without having a real plan. And although we did start to form an idea of our financial goals and a path to get there, what we were missing was a true plan that would help us achieve our goals with clear steps how to get there and the choices we could make and would need to make along the way. This is why we approached Empower Wealth to help us provide that clarity. Going through their structured process and simulation tool has been a true eye-opener for us and has given us the confidence that we have a plan, we are on track and we know what choices we can make and need to make along the way. The real power of that is it gives peace of mind, knowing what you are doing is actually getting you where you want to be. We highly recommend others to invest in setting up the Property Portfolio Plan.

- Nadia, NSW

Empower Wealth have been fantastic to deal with throughout the whole investing process. Right from the second I walked in the door and was greeted by Ben Kingsley himself, dealing with each different department and through to post settlement on a great property, I couldn’t be happier! Huge shout out to Paul, Dean, David and Christa! You guys are awesome and I can’t wait to do it all again (hopefully soon). Cheers, Mick

- Michael, VIC

It was an overall positive experience.

- Josh, VIC

Elvin has gone above and beyond to ensure that we are insured at a level that covers us and that we are comfortable with. It has been a pleasure to work alongside Elvin!

- Ronn, VIC

Our experience with Paul and Empower Wealth has been truly first class! We worked with Paul on creating our Property Portfolio Plan for our specific future goals, based on our specific information – it was great to see that the service provided was genuinely individualised for us and not a generic plan. We are now confident in KNOWING that we are working toward an achievable goal and are no longer simply hoping and wishing that we are heading in the right direction. We are looking forward to taking the first step in our plan in the next month or two.
“Knowledge is empowering but only if you act on it.” – and we intend to do just that!

- Tanelle, VIC

Joel Burton was excellent throughout the process and took the time to really understand our personal circumstances and tailor the plan accordingly. I was really impressed by his professionalism and the service we received. His easy going and engaging manner and ability to explain the concepts and analysis to us made this an enjoyable process.

- Chris & Kylie, NSW

Great support!! Very informative and communicative through all lending process. Excellent service!!

- Luis, WA

I think there are heaps of mortgage brokers in the market bragging about their service and capabilities. All of them are going to the bank they know and get the best rate that can for you. BUT, you will know the broker is in your side when your case is complicated, and the bank is not interested in playing the game. Dean fights for me to get this deal from my NAB, and it was such a marathon. I am glad that he can seal the deal and get a refinance on the existing home loan. Mathew followed the process and got all the docs right to get everything approved. Great work! I think it is essential to keep a trusted, capable team around yourself in any game, especially in the property market as an unregulated market. It pays in the long term, and you will see the benefit down the track.

- Alex, VIC

Elvin and his team (special mention to Sam) professionalism and service is admirable. He went extra mile and beyond for us. Couldn’t ask for a better service and advisor. We are extremely happy.

- Luis, WA

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