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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

With the help of Empower Wealth we refinanced current properties and secured new finance for our dream home. Our Broker, Dean, was managing banking policy changes and our unique and complex personal situation. It required tremendous expertise and tenacity and we are extremely grateful for the results achieved. We will absolutely continue working with Empower Wealth. Thank you!

- Anthony Blatti

My wife and I are conservative by nature. Brendan has helped us prepare a property plan that takes our risk profile into account and explained the ideas that were used to create it. I look forward to the next steps to see how closely we can follow the plan, in order to achieve our future goals.

- Howard Heng, VIC

We had a great experience with Empower wealth. Dean and the mortgage broking team walked us through every step of the way. They encouraged us to ask questions and increased our knowledge on the subject.

We refinanced multiple loans making it easier to move forward with our investing. They made a highly structured loan set up for our properties. It is now simple to understand and manage.

- Justin Coulthard, VIC

As a first time property investor I was very eager but also clueless as to how to go about the process. Without Joel and Empower Wealth’s help I doubt I would have been able to action my intentions. I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience and would recommend it to anyone.

- Kyle Connolly, VIC

Second time using Dean and the mortgage broking team to help with purchase of an investment property. Very helpful throughout, good communication and always only a phone call away.

- Keaton Rutherford, NSW

Empower have been great to work with and we’re excited to have a plan in place, and clarity about our future direction & goals.

- Angela Svarc , QLD

We had Bede and the team at empower wealth help us get our finances and pre-approval in order for our property purchase. The whole process was seamless even with a refinance of old home loans needed. Bede and the team were very thorough, knowledgeable and professional! Thank you very much for the great service and all your hard work!

- Jarrad Besselaar, VIC

David from Empower Wealth has been friendly and professional, taking the time to listen to us and present the facts on our situation before providing a clear set of steps with timelines to help us achieve our goals.

- Meredith Phillips, SA

Empower Wealth has helped me realise my future investment potential through a detailed examination into my current finances. I am excited to work with them to obtain my first and future properties.

- Ashleigh Smyth, WA

The property portfolio plan was definitely worth the money and time. It has highlighted that I only need two investment properties as well as my current share portfolio to reach my desired $120k passive income in retirement. Having the plan laid out in detail has shown that I don’t need to work as hard as I have been so it has taken all of the stress out of planning for my future.

- Jesse Detlefsen, QLD

We enjoyed all of our meetings with Joel. Due to our circumstances, our goal was more in the short term and he helped bring clarity to our situation to see that it was possible for us. But our property portfolio plan does also incorporate more planning for the long term. Being a numbers person I really appreciate the detail of the plan and the conservative approach that shows our situation over the coming years.

- Emma and Glenn Bouchier, VIC

Myself and my partner have been so happy with the help and guidance that David has provided us throughout our journey. His knowledge has been extremely valuable for us as we’ve developed our financial goals together, and his patience, time and understanding has been really appreciated as we work towards purchasing our first property. Cannot thank him enough for all the hard work and ongoing support he’s provided.

- Ben Castle, VIC

We came to Empower Wealth after reading the book and then have David as our Property Investment Advisor. Going through the whole process and working with David is absolutely stress free, easy going, yet very professional at the same time. We can’t be any happier with our plan and really looking forward to putting it into action.

- Chealse Vo, VIC

Luke and his team were very helpful and informative throughout our lending process. Very happy with the service.

- Kris Sell, TAS

Like a lot of people approaching their 50’s, we thought we may have missed the investment boat, but Empower Wealth has done a great job in providing us with a detailed and plan that could see us retire in 10 years time with our desired level of $2,000 per week passive income, debt free and non-reliant on any government pensions.

- Haydn, VIC

Working with Bede and his team was fantastic, he understood our needs and met them all the way! Bede and his team were extremely efficient in getting the job done, and explained everything as we went excellently. 100% would recommend.

- Lucy, QLD

The Empower Wealth team have done an amazing job to help us develop a Property Portfolio Plan, put finance together to execute the plan, and with incredible experience, strategy and skill identify and purchase an amazing property. The property purchased is our dream home and we could not be more happy and grateful. Thank you Paul, Dean and our exceptional Agent, Christa

- Anthony, China

Dealing with the team at Empower Wealth is always pleasant, they are a very professional and well informed team who have my best interest at heart. Despite living interstate I find it then easy to deal with and their level of communication is exceptional.

- Curtis, WA

Great team at Empower Wealth. Very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Highly recommend getting in touch with them if you are considering financial independence through property.

- Scott, QLD

Trustworthy, credible and knowledge galore 🙂

- Navin, VIC

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