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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

We were unsure of our financial future in retirement before engaging Empower Wealth’s services. They worked with us to understand our goals. We now have clarity and feel in control of our future. Damien, our Property Investment Advisor, was efficient and helpful throughout the whole process.

- Graham March 2018

Overall, it was a positive engagement. I was provided with the direction I set out to receive at the beginning of the process, so it was a worthwhile investment.

- Colin March 2018

Thank you for assisting me in putting together a great plan.

- James March 2018

Thank you Dean and Mortgage Broking Team for your professionalism and tenacity in ensuring we get the best loan structure possible with the most flexibility for our property portfolio, especially given the rapidly changing lending environment. We always feel you have our best interests in mind.

- Rob & Christel (Sydney) March 2018

Thomas has been kick-ass. His knowledge and depth of service has been outstanding. Always willing to speak and very approachable. He has taken the time to address every little query I had to make the process as comfortable as possible. I wouldn’t change a thing in his approach. Thank you so much Thomas!! You’ve been fantastic. Keep up the good work.

- Hung March 2018

The end to end service from the Empower Wealth consultation was above and beyond my requirements, and shows a deep understanding of the service provided as well as the market.

- Nicholas March 2018

Big thank you to Jake, Dean and Syd for ensuring we were able to secure the right property for our SMSF at the right price point. Jake, our Buyers Agent, really hustled to secure us an off market property at a below market price. Thanks so much for your professional service and your unwavering commitment to help us achieve the best result possible. We look forward to your service on our next purchase and will recommend your services to others.

- Rob & Christel (Sydney) March 2018

I walked into Empower Wealth open, yet oblivious and hesitant. But after my last meeting with Joel, I stepped out an economically empowered woman. I have grown through this process and Joel opened me up to an economically stable future I didn’t realise possible. Joel is kind, practical, knowledgeable and has given me what I believe are the workings of my better tomorrow. And the best thing is I get to maintain my current lifestyle. It’s nice to remember what we are all capable of so much with a little guidance. My mindset has shifted and I have even applied some of the things I’ve learnt during this process in other areas of my life.


- Jacqui March 2018

Hi Jake, Damien and Simon

Thanks to all of you for all of your calls, emails and online meetings the past few weeks, there has been a lot of information to process, and we did some hard thinking over the weekend.

We’ve come to a decision, and have decided to consolidate our position using the two properties you’ve helped us purchase.

They are fantastic properties, and we’re very grateful for your expertise in helping us secure these places, which will help us maintain a very comfortable living in what we hope will be a long and happy retirement.

It wasn’t an easy decision, and John has done lots of number crunching and scenario building, and we’ve come to the same conclusion that you have all pointed out, that the third property is “icing on the cake” and not having the third property will minimise risk around debt in retirement.

We also hugely appreciate the openness and integrity that the entire team has shown in looking out for our interests, highlighting the pros, cons and risks, so we could make an informed decision.

Thanks to Simon also for the work you and your team has already done to help us with the loan pre-approval, we hope the fact that we won’t take it further hasn’t caused too much inconvenience.

If there is anything we need to do to wrap up the engagement, please let us know.

Kind regards

Sandra and John

- Sandra and John March 2018

Great service and knowledge.

- James March 2018

The Property Investment Advise from Empower Wealth gives you an insight into what your future can be and what steps you need to take along the journey. It makes you realise that if you stick to the plan, it will benefit you in ways we cannot get our heads around today. It was a great feeling when we went through the planning. We felt we were eased into our future being in the present. You can call it a Financial Time Travel.

- Deepak March 2018

We loved working with Damien, our Property Investment Advisor. We really enjoyed our meetings with him and we felt he always went above and beyond with the time he put into us. Damien’s enthusiasm for his work really shines through, which makes the process really enjoyable, but it was the cashflow modelling that really opened our eyes. Being able to plan and see future cashflows, which takes into account real life, is akin to turning on a light in a dark room. It really does give you confidence. In addition, Damien helped us focus on what we really wanted in our life rather than just returns on investment. It’s clear that Empower doesn’t peddle a get quick rich scheme and that they do their very best to consider their clients situation and needs. In addition, we really valued the fact that Dean, our mortgage broker, worked in partnership with Damien to plan the finances. That kind of partnership would be hard to get elsewhere.

- Andrew March 2018

Sarah K and Brendan H: thanks for all of your help refinancing my investment property. You made the process much easier than it could have been, and Sarah’s help in getting the right lending strategy in place was great. I am looking forward to working with Empower Wealth in the near future.

- Sam March 2018

Thank you Nicole and Empower Wealth for helping us find our first interstate investment property! Nicole was a delight to work with, we were so in tune and I was impressed by her organisational skills. Nicole understood our situation well and involved us in all aspects of the journey. This was our first time using a Buyers Agent and we’re so appreciative of the success. Nicole made the whole process seamless, easy and fun! Thanks again!

- M.R February 2018

Was a pleasure to work with Dean and his team for the second time. They make the entire loan process seem effortless and are always there for support at each step. We will be back again when we are ready for the third one.

- Dennis February 2018

This is investment #4 in our portfolio and by far the simplest purchase ever. We had yet to meet Nicole, but she’d read our financial plan and when a house came up that met our financial brief and goals, she called us. Within one week of that call she had negotiated a great off market price and all we had to do was sign! The pre-settlement inspection and analysis of works required was fantastic & thorough. Laura kept us up to date when Nic took a short break. Incredible service. Until next time 😉

- Vicki February 2018

We were introduced to Dean our Mortgage Broker at one of our scheduled Wealth Creation Planning meetings and were impressed from day one. Dean became a trusted partner in helping us achieve our goals, provided us with very researched and sound options for future borrowings and helped us save on interest by negotiating great loan products on our behalf. We swore we would never fill out loan forms again, but Dean and his team made the journey so easy. We look forward to dealing with Dean and his team again in coming months.

- Kevin February 2018

Liz was really wonderful. She was kind, sensitive to my personal circumstances and very professional.

- Morgan February 2018

Paul and his team were great to deal with and I would recommend this process to anyone looking to plan for their future retirement and investment strategy. It not only gave us a clear view of how we are currently tracking, but also showed, with some planning, what could be achieved in the future. Thanks again Paul.

- Jeremy February 2018

Paul Thompson was fantastic in creating a tailored property investment portfolio that is very achievable. We look forward to more meetings in the future.

- Frank February 2018

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