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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

We always have had good experiences with Empower Wealth. Even if we didn’t have a property portfolio with them we still would have used their tax services because they are more savvy in this area than your average accountant. We were happy with our returns/refunds this year too!

- Jye Mitchell, NSW

It was a pleasure to work with Daniel and the team to realise our property purchase. We were regularly kept informed about the process and were always available for any queries we had. Thank you very much Daniel & team.

- Ben Stonier, VIC

A big thank you to Jane and Sam (and your team behind the scenes). You guys coached us through our financial planning journey; my wife and I could not be more thankful. Your advice was professional, thorough and personable.We appreciate the time given to us, even though at times, we were the ones holding things up and being slow at getting things signed etc. Your patience was noted and your guidance very much appreciated.All in all, awesome experience! I could not recommend your services more! 10 out of 10. Big thumbs up. Eric & Shannon

- Eric Hopwood, QLD

There’s nothing else Sandra could have done to make this process better for us. From start to finish it was clear, precise and straightforward with what we had to do to get the result we were after. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

- Ellie Johnson, VIC

Empower Wealth Brokerage Team provided exactly the right support we needed every step of the way in our first journey to property ownership. We could not be happier with the investment we made in them and our faith was well rewarded. Do yourself a favour and get Empower Wealth’s Brokerage Team on board.

- Belinda Colledge, ACT

Such a smooth, streamlined process. Brad and the whole Brad Frazer team exceeded our expectations. Service was professional friendly and personalized to our needs. Would not hesitate to refer family and friends to Empower Wealth

- Nyree Shepherd, QLD

I’ve lived a lifetime before I started this journey. I hoped I didn’t leave it too late to start. Obviously, the best time to start was 30 years ago, but the best time to start is also right now.Through the first few consultations, I was shown a plan that confirmed what I had only hoped for: that I could start to invest in property, not as much as I would like but my run for opportunity was not exhausted. There was still time.I left it with the financial team to find the best deal, which they did, and I’m now on my way to financial freedom through what will be no doubt a turbulent time ahead.Thank you for smoothing out the take-off – fingers crossed the winds are kind.

- Jamie Floyd, VIC

It’s not very obvious what’s required when buying a new home. Melissa and her team kept me in the loop every step of the way and it took a huge load off my shoulders.

- Jarryd Tribe, QLD

Christa is proactive, knows her stuff and fast. What a combination of skills! And the back up from Kevin was outstanding.Very happy with my purchase. Fingers crossed I’m now set up for a wonderful (and early) retirement in the future.

- Kelly MacLean, VIC

Daniel and his team have supported us through another property purchase by providing a high level of service and responsiness to our queries and concerns. The team aimed to get the best possible loan for our financial situation and will continue to support us into the future.

- Geoff Tuckerman, ACT

Having a deep dive into my financials opened my eyes to expenses that I would not have otherwise considered declaring.

- Anthony Wong, NSW

I love what you guys are doing. The education, the trusted and valuable service you provide really gives my partner Megan and I peace of mind that we are doing the best we can with the resources we have and that we are moving in the right direction towards our goals.

- Robert Willis, NSW

We have enjoyed the whole journey with Daniel and the Team in borrowing from start to finishing and even provided great review work when needed. The whole business model is great.

- Jaymie Johnson, QLD

Mat and his team were fantastic. The communication couldn’t have been better. It made quite a stressful process a lot smoother and less stressful

- Luke Thwaites

I don’t know much about property investing so it was a huge relief to have someone patient enough to take me through the process and explain things to me. My individual requirements were addressed with care and all of my questions were answered thoroughly. The information provided to me was extensive and also tailored to my situation. I have used other buyers agents and mortgage brokers before but I have never yet experienced a team like this, who really did everything they could to achieve the best outcome for us.

- Alyssia Hunter, TAS

Empower Wealth has been helping us out with our investment journey for nearly 2 years and the whole team has been fantastic to deal with – all true professionals with a wealth of knowledge!It’s so much easier to have a one-stop shop where you’ve got all the tools you need (Moorr platform), the financial planners, tax accountants, mortgage brokers, and BAs – all in one place!Today I just wanted to call out to our wonderful Mortgage Broker Sandra Doolaul and her team in helping us with our refinancing of our loans. She has been so patient with our questions and requests and I cannot recommend her enough! She’s extremely professional and with her easy-going wonderful personality, has made this whole process go very smoothly for us and overall got us the best deal we could have hoped for.
Thank you Sandra and team, and all of EW for holding our hands along our journey!

- Pinar Cagatay Gur

I found the process thorough and professional. I asked a lot of questions and was never made to feel stupid, with every question being answered methodically and clearly.

- Michael Cassin, VIC

Polly was great to work with, she made us feel welcome and relaxed. She explained the process in great detail and outline what our expectations should be from the first meeting.

- Jarryd bannan, VIC

This plan showed us where we can be and helped kick us into gear for our future

- Rebecca Nogare, VIC

Melissa Long has been a tremendous help over the past few years. Her professionalism, proactiveness and tenacity is a testament to Empower Wealth! Have recommended her to more than half a dozen friends that have also engaged her serviced. Thank you for all your help, Melissa!

- Sonik Patel, VIC

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