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Meet Sage D’Costa

Sage is a Financial Planner at Empower Wealth with over 7 years’ experience in the wealth management and financial planning industry. Sage holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Finance/Financial Planning), Diploma of Commerce (Management) and a SMSF Accreditation Certificate with aspirations to attain further post graduate qualification as CF...

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Tax Deductions When Working From Home

Don’t forget to keep all the records you will need to be able to claim the associated costs as a tax deduction. None of the claims listed below will affect the CGT main residence exemption on your house. The CGT main residence exemption is more a factor of whether you see the public there or that it is advertised as a place of business. If yo...

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Retirement: where to start

While many of us dream about the day we finally get to give up work and reap the benefits of our blood, sweat and tears, we often struggle to plan for it. After all, in the scuffle of immediate priorities, saving and planning for retirement don’t always make it to the top of the pile. But there’s a good chance you could be spending almos...

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Merry Christmas & What A Year!

Good day, Ben Kingsley here, for what has become a bit of a tradition with our annual Christmas message. I'm getting a little bit older, I think, and now having to wear the glasses. I probably look a little bit more like Santa Claus, probably just need the gray beard. But it's coming, everyone. I just wanted to say, it has been a pretty in...

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The Top 5 Tax Planning Rules Every Property Investor Must Understand

You can’t avoid it, so you might as well learn to understand it. Better still, the more you know about it, the more you can ‘work’ with it, instead of working against it. What are we talking about? Tax. Getting the right tax advice can result in vastly improved financial windfalls vs. getting little or no advice can see you payin...

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RBA Cash Rate May 2021:

Hi, Ben Kingsley here with the latest economic update and the RBA update for May. The verdict is well and truly in — when money is cheap, the world goes around faster. We're basically seeing that show up now. The other important news is around inflation – and we're going to see this word, “transitionary” as the new buzzword. The p...

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