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Property success from our buyers agents

These Property Success Stories are mostly related to our Buyers Agent service where they share a real-life journey that they undertook with their clients. In each short article, we explains the client’s brief, strategy that they adopted and some negotiation tips that helped in successfully securing the property.

Rebekah’s Story

My husband had always had it in his head that he said, “I want to invest in properties and I want to do this and that.” And I was just thinking like, “No,.. I don’t know...

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Mile’s Story

We always thought we were pretty cool with money going pretty good. But we thought one day, we’d get an investment property, and we actually did. So we went to a company that we later found...

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Matt’s Story

I’m originally from Adelaide. I joined the Navy 24 years ago. I met my wife Danielle 20 years ago over in Perth, and we’ve managed to live in Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin, over the...

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Tanelle’s Story

So I first came in to meet with Paul. Cause I was listening to The Property Couch flat out while I was on maternity leave and, through some research, found out that Empower Wealth was behind...

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Emily’s Story

Actually, one of the psychologists at work put me on to The Property Couch, and I started listening to that. I got on a real roll with it and listened to it like a whole year’s...

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Kevin’s Story

The Wealth Plan was a very good way to start things off because at that time,  we were nudging sort of 50. We had hoped to sort of retire around the mid-sixties, early sixties, earlier,...

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Kieran’s Story

Basically, we’ve met with Joel, and we’ve said, Yes, we’re going to proceed, and then COVID hit Australia. And then we kind of went into this spin of, hang on a second. Are we like, what’s...

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Arne’s Story

I was actually on the hunt for my second property. So I went and got my first loan. I went straight to the bank for my first one, and then the second one, that’s when I...

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David and Lisa’s Story

Lisa: Dave started listening to all the podcasts, and I think Dave got a very clear vision in his mind of where he wanted to head – getting a plan in place. Meanwhile, I had no...

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Elizabeth’s Story

The reason I was looking for financial advice was that I’d been in financial difficulties. I’d gotten sick and I didn’t have insurance, and I had a business. When you have a business, if you don’t...

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