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Property success from our buyers agents

These Property Success Stories are mostly related to our Buyers Agent service where they share a real-life journey that they undertook with their clients. In each short article, we explains the client’s brief, strategy that they adopted and some negotiation tips that helped in successfully securing the property.

Steph’s Story

I did have a previous financial planner a long time ago, probably about, you know, more than 25 years ago. Nothing compared to Michael. So I’m forever grateful that we have met Michael and we have...

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Courtney’s Story

Growing up, my dad was the breadwinner; my mum was a homemaker, and I saw her having to budget out things like, “Can I drive the kids to school today? Do I have enough petrol?” I...

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Martin & Heidi’s Story

When Heidi and I met, I was working full time, running the legal team for a company and Heidi was a nurse. I had a property that I was living in and Heidi was also living...

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The “Getting on the Property Ladder” Story

Getting on the Property Ladder

The next story I want to share with you is around getting on the property ladder. So, this particular person, a single person in their early 20s, based here in Melbourne is again not listening to the noise, not trying to...

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The Story That NEEDS To Be Told

When I share these Story Behind The Numbers, I’m really grateful be able to get an opportunity to look over some of the Plans that we are developing for our clients. And you get the stories that need...

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The “Rest of the Way” Story

elite money managers

I’ve pigeon-holed this next story as showing the clients “the rest of the way”. It’s not very often that we compliment people on phenomenal money management; but it was pretty clear that we had some really...

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The “Getting on the Same Page” Story

same page

There’s a lot of lessons in this next Story Behind The Numbers. The theme of this story is “same page.” So, what happened? And this is from Nicole, one of our great Buyers Agents here in Melbourne, who was dealing with our clients...

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The Step-By-Step Story

step by step investing

In this Story Behind The Numbers, I theme this one step-by-step. This one comes from Matt — one of our great Buyers Agents in the team. I’m choosing to do this step-by-step because this particular couple had a lot of cash — they...

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The Aggressive Story

The next story comes from Rachel Cole, who’s one of our Qualified Property Invested Advisors out of our Sydney office. Now, I’ve “themed” this story simply as aggressive. We have an early 30s couple, currently no kids and very high income earners. So,...

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The “Blowing the Cash” Story

blowing cash

So, this is the story of one of our clients who worked with Brendan, one of our Qualified Property Investment Advisors. Our theme of this story — and I’m being a little bit critical here — but this...

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