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Bryce Holdaway Blog post by Bryce Holdaway

Making Room to Grow

API Magazine - BH Making room to grow - Jan 2016Some property investors are quite lucky when it comes to their investing journey. They met the right people, got the right advice and invested in the right property at the right time. However, this article on API Magazine is not about those type of investors. It’s about investors who received dodgy advice from certain advisors and end up with a lemon.

Daniel and Wi Hain are already investing in properties. In fact, Daniel started off in this type of investment at a mere age of 19, buying a three-bedroom house in Newborough, Victoria but some unfortunate events and a poor performing asset has set them back in this game. API Magazine has asked Bryce Holdaway for some input and ways to make room to grow their portfolio. Find out what Bryce wrote in this article!

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