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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Getting the Best Investment Returns using a Buyers Agent

Hello, Ben Kingsley here, CEO and Founder of Empower Wealth. This is an important message about using a buyers agent and using the most appropriate buyers agent to get the best return possible for your investing. Now there are a lot of buyers agent out in the market place and those buyers agent concentrate on a patch. That patch might be the city that they live in, the sub-city or the sub-region of that city and they try to specialise in that. Or they might also have some of the regional towns that they look at. For those of you that have bought with us, you know that on occasions we’ve certainly invested in regional towns and we’ve done a lot of investing in around the Melbourne area. But that’s not necessary the way it should be indefinitely. It’s really important to understand that we’ve bought in Melbourne and we’ve bought in regional Victoria because we saw that it is the right time. It was the right time to buy those assets in those particular location. Well, the world’s changing and there is got to be more changes made by that. From our point of view and from a buyers agency point of view, we’re now traveling interstate to buy properties for our clients and this message is about showing you some of the great buys we’ve done recently in our interstate acquisitions. There are lots more to come because at the end of the day, it is about investment return for you. Now, if we don’t think that we are going to get that investment return in our own state then we need to get on the planes. We need to work harder for you. If our property research is indicating they are the best places to buy, then we are going to go in and we will hunt down those properties and we are going to buy them for you. That’s the way you should look at it when you are engaging a buyers agent. If they know a patch, that’s great! They might have a relationship with a couple of agents and they might be able to give you some inside information and that’s good. But is that still the best area to invest? If the overall research on the area is not showing us that that’s going to be outperform area interstate, should we be relying on buying your properties on those particular locations? Or should we get on the planes to go and hunt down those properties? Well, that’s our view and that is what we do for our clients and now I want to share with you some of the properties that we are buying interstate.

Property No.1

For example in our interstate purchasing when we are looking at Brisbane, this is one of the properties we’ve bought recently. Now, this property here is a great property. It’s on a quiet and wide open street, a cul de sac, close proximity to the parkland and the actual block itself presents beautifully. It is very well maintained, low maintenance, low body corporate and in terms of internally, the properties presents very clean and tidy. Clean and tidy is all we are looking for in this area. We don’t want to overextend ourselves in terms of the buying flash properties that are a higher price point. We actually want to get in the comfort price band which allows growth for the property to occur whilst also still getting a good yield to that property. What I also like about it, was that it has its own solar system which allow for a reduced energy cost for the tenants who are living in that property. It also can accommodate up to three cars. So in terms of household that have two cars or need additional storage area, this unit had that.

Property Two

The second investment property that I want to look at is another property that is in the inner city belt range. This property here is in one of the most pristine and high network area of Brisbane. It’s an area where in fact, the property across the road sold for $1.6 million and the property just up the road sold for over $2.6 million. Now this particular property is about buying in the entry level. This is what we call a classic wave rider property. We actually bought this property for under $300,000 and we’ve currently got it let. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment, we’ve currently let it for $320 per week. So its really important to understand that finding those opportunities. Now if you’ve got a million dollar property and two million dollars properties in the local area, this place has performed fantastically in terms of historical growth and we expect that to continue as it got dragged up in value because its on one of the best street in Brisbane.

Property 3

This other property is in one of the hippiest areas in Brisbane. This is a fully renovated one bedroom apartment. Now, this is a great buy. It is in an old complex but it has been completely renovated. Again, we’ve bought it for sub $300,000 but nothing needs to be done. So the tenants can walk in and they can walk out of that apartments and within 50 – 200 metres, they can be at some of the grooviest coffee shop, restaurants and bars in the Brisbane region. So it is an absolute great buy for these clients, they are thrilled with it and we will see tenants moving in very shortly.

So there are some examples of what we are looking to buy. We are not just buying apartments, we are also buying houses. We do think that the Brisbane property market has got some uplift. But just because the Brisbane market has got some uplift, it does not mean you can buy anywhere. You need to know the areas, the suburbs, the streets to buy in and you need to make sure you got a buyers agent or a property investment advisor who is willing to get out of their own backyard and go on find those assets for you. I thank you for watching this video. Your returns are very important to us and they are also about setting up your wealth for tomorrow. So it’s imperative that you get professional property advice on your journey to wealth creation.

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