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People often ask us why do they need a plan when investing in property? Well, at Empower Wealth we like numbers and we like the security of knowing that we are on the right path when investing in property. So we’ve come out with our Property Portfolio Plan and this page is dedicated to explaining how it can help you in your investment journey.

Using Empower Wealth’s purpose built proprietary ‘Wealth Simulator’ technology software combined with the experience and knowledge of our qualified finance advisors, this assessment undertakes extensive cash flow analysis which incorporates a detailed list of forecasted variables and assumptions to deliver you an amazing insight into your:

  • Cash flow projections at retirement and for the next 40 years
  • Debt tracking, including debt elimination forecasts
  • Interest savings calculations
  • Taxation estimates
  • Surplus cash flow options for enhanced wealth creation
  • Asset position projection
  • Nest Egg projection (the wealth position that will provide you with your income for the rest of your life, post your retirement from work!)
  • Superannuation position
  • Forecast wealth projection at retirement age
  • Forecast income projection at retirement age for your retirement
  • Graphical analysis illustration of what your future wealth position looks like

To help you understand our Property Wealth Planning services better, Ben Kingsley, Empower Wealth’s CEO & Founder has recorded a video on what we offer, what type of household does this plan suits, how the Plan is constructed and what kind of information it provides.



If you are wondering how we use the build the plan using the ‘Wealth Simulator’ technology software, here’s a demonstration video:



Who is this Plan for?

Although Empower Wealth is based in Melbourne, our Property Portfolio Plan is a dynamic software and can be customised to meet individual needs regardless if you are in Sydney, Perth or even overseas. Having said that, this Plan works best for:

  • Anyone interested in building wealth through investing in property – our proprietary tool is purpose built to handle property investing scenarios and our team of professionals have extensive and proven track records in this industry
  • Established Property Investors – the benefits of this sort of review are enormous, the knowledge around cashflow into the future ensure the astute investor can make better informed and quicker decisions in adding to their property portfolio
  • First Home Buyers – wishing to establish their level of affordability in knowing what they can borrow and what amount they can purchase for
  • Those looking to refinance their current home loan – this review will highlight the benefits of refinance and will also highlight if refinancing is really worth it in the first instance
  • Those looking to consolidate their debts – this review will clearly show the potential improved cashflow benefits of any proposed debt consolidation a household may be considering
  • Finally, all households or individuals who are keen to build greater passive wealth outcomes – there is no mistaking a review of this nature provides for greater understanding of what’s possible, to those serious about making a REAL difference to their wealth.

If you are interested to learn more about our Property Portfolio Plan, please do not hesitate to book a complimentary appointment with us by filling in the Book an Appointment form above.


Additional Information

Here are other videos that we think might help you understand the Property Portfolio Plan further.



To learn more about Property Investment, please do not hesitate to visit our Property Investment page or you can also check out our monthly Property Investment Newsletters.

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