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Ben Kingsley

Founder & Managing Director

Ben is the founding Director of Empower Wealth, the Chair of the not for profit Property Investors Council of Australia (PICA), a board member of the not for profit Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA). He’s a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA), he holds a Real Estate Agency Licenses in VIC, NSW, QLD & SA, a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, an Associate Diploma of Business (Tourism) and has become one of Australia’s leading experts in property investing, lending and money management.

Ben founded Empower Wealth in late 2007 after a successful career in Resort Tourism Sales and Marketing.

Passionate about achieving financial peace through property investing, yet frustrated by the lack of professional and independent property advice and the quality of research supporting investment decisions, Ben turned his attention to building a whole of wealth advisory firm with qualified, licensed and experienced professional specialist to help guide and advise clients on their financial journey.

Empower Wealth combines all the key areas of wealth creation professions including; Property Investing (Property Investment Advisors, Buyers Agents), Finance (Mortgage Brokers), Money and Wealth Planning, Risk Management, Superannuation, Shares, Managed Funds and Estate Planning (Financial Planners).

Hand picking the very best and most qualified specialists, Empower Wealth has become one of Australia’s leading property wealth advisory firms with a major point difference – everything is under one roof.

Ben’s ultimate goal for the business has always been very simple – provide clients with access to specialist advice and leading edge research and tools which will help them achieve superior investment returns and ultimately total financial independence.

His philosophy is that with great service, teamwork, collaboration, accountability and a commitment to building knowledge and a support network of qualified professionals, anyone can truly improve their wealth outcomes, almost irrespective of what income they currently earn. This approach, coupled with his experience in building his own families multimillion dollar property portfolio and financial independence, has seen Ben pass on his knowledge to personally help thousands of individuals and households to invest into hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of residential property.

Empower Wealth has received many national and state awards for customer service, innovation and growth (being named in The Australian Financial Review Fast 100 companies in 2016, 17 and 18* (*anticipated to be announced shortly).

In 2012, Ben was appointed to the Chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) before stepping down as Chair in late 2017, but remaining on the board. PIPA is a not for profit association whose mandate is to increase the professionalism of those in the industry and to champion consumer protection from unscrupulous operators. PIPA is currently lobbying government to have the property investment industry regulated by ASIC.

In late 2017 Ben along with the founding board members established a new association for all the property investors in Australia.  The Property Investors Council of Australia is also a not for profit association run by property investors for the interest of property investors.  The new association charter is to continue to educate current and would be property investors and to provide government and regulars as a central contact to engage with investors on matters which affect them.  Ben is the current Chair of this association.

24 years’ experience in property investing, finance and wealth creation, together with a comprehensive understanding of industry regulations, issues and trends, has positioned Ben as a genuine expert in property, finance and money management. In 2014, 2015 he won (2016 r/u) the Best Property Investment Advisor of the Year Award by Your Investment Property Magazine, before he stepped back from day to day advising of clients to help develop his team of QPIA advisors.  In 2018 his team of advisors and the company won the inaugural Property Investment Advisory Business of the Year.

Ben is a frequent media contributor and an keynote speaker and is regularly featured on TV, in print, and delivering professional development addresses to the like of CPA, State Revenue Office, Local Councils and more. He also appears regularly as a panellist and commentator on Sky Business News Real Estate, Today Show, ABC News 24.  Ben also writes for Money Magazine, Smart Property Investor, Australian Property Investor Magazine and Your Investment Property Magazine.

Finally, Ben is the co-host for Australia’s No.1 Top Rated (Australian Produced) Business Podcast: The Property Couch, an insider’s guide to property, finance and money management.


Facebook: Ben Kingsley

Twitter: @benkingsleyAU

Instagram: @empowerwealth

I was first introduced to Ben and Bryce through their ‘Making Money Simple Again’, an easy to follow guide on how to manage your everyday money. I was seeking new strategies on where to direct our income and control our expenses, as well as the best way to redirect our money for wealth building. I followed their steps, which took a couple of months of reorganising our finances and changing our behaviours, but I could definitely see improvements within months. It would have been earlier, if I had chosen the New Year to commence, instead of prior to Xmas, due to the increase of spending during this time. It was through this book, I was guided to set up the Money Smarts online portal, instead of reporting from our cloud bookkeeping program Reckon. Being such a visual person, I found Money Smarts so much easier to keep up to date and to see the tracking of our money. Moving on from there, I was then introduced in the book to their podcast, ‘The Property Couch’. Although my husband and I had bought, built and sold property in the past, we had some financial mismanagement in conjunction with having a young family and single income, so we decided to start fresh by focusing on just having an owner-occupied property and shares. There was gold in every episode, and still is! I had some binge listening to attend to, as Ben & Bryce had already recorded 185 episodes at that stage, and although we had been on a journey of our own with property, I was like a sponge and was eager to learn from our mistakes. Seeing the benefits of their daily money management strategies and gaining confidence by listening to their podcasts, I felt it was super important to develop a financial plan to carry us through to our retirement years. I then decided to engage their team to help us out on the best strategy for us in moving forward. We were introduced to Joel Burton via Zoom and after several weeks of getting to know us, understanding our financial background, our risk profiles and our goals, Joel has now completed our Property Portfolio Plan. We weren’t rushed into making any decisions and Joel was very patient as well as directive when asked. I’m excited but also relieved….to having new financial ventures to look forward to, but also a road map on how we are going to get there. We may be the captain of our ship, but knowing we have Empower Wealth and in particular Joel as our rudder, provides us the guidelines for stability and security. Thanks Team!

- Evan & Gabby, QLD October 2019

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