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Luke De Lutiis

CX Integration Team Leader – Property Wealth Planning

Luke is the CX Integration Team Leader for Property Wealth Planning. Prior to joining the Empower Wealth team, Luke worked as a project engineer in the energy and commercial construction sectors, and interned at CSIRO Mineral Resources. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) and an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology.

Growing up, Luke was surrounded by role models who encouraged the wise management of money and the value of putting your money to work. Stirred by the desire to invest for the future, he proceeded to consume as much material on finance as he could (including Empower Wealth’s own The Property Couch Podcast), in the process discovering his passion for investing.

As CXI Team Leader, Luke’s passion is for designing and delivering products that help others secure their financial freedom – products that leave a lasting impact on the lives of their users and pave the way for future prosperity. He most values the life-changing advice that the team at Empower Wealth can provide to their clients and strives to make financial education as accessible as possible.

Outside of work, Luke is a self-confessed gearhead, with a lifelong passion for motorcycles. He also has a keen interest in cooking, gardening, and learning new languages.



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