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Brendan Vaughan

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Brendan is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA). Before moving into the Property Investment Industry helping others on their journey, Brendan worked in Engineering and Project Management and he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Masters Degree in Project Management.

Originally from Ireland, and after spending 4 years as a Production Engineer in Japan, Brendan moved to Australia and spent 13 years working in the Automotive Industry as a Project Manager, Sales Manager and Business Development Manager.

While working in the Automotive Industry, Brendan was introduced to (the power of) Property Investing through Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, where he also learnt the importance of Purpose, Team and Mission. He then started to build his own property portfolio in his spare time. His motivation to gain his financial freedom stems from his desire to be able to travel, spend time with family overseas, and have freedom of time and place while young enough to enjoy it. During this period, Brendan’s interest in, and knowledge about, Property Investing grew exponentially. He now has a multi-million dollar portfolio of 8 properties across Australia, accumulated over 12 years.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, Unknown.

When the opportunity presented itself in 2015, Brendan followed his passion, secured his formal qualification as a QPIA®, Qualified Property Investment Advisor, and got to live his dream every day, teaching others who wish to follow the same path to wealth creation through property. After a year working as a QPIA® at Destiny®, Brendan joined the Empower Wealth family.

Brendan derives immense satisfaction from building and implementing wealth creation plans with family, friends and clients to improve their financial position, and secure their financial future. The positive impact on people’s lives, and their future wealth and happiness, is immeasurable. Brendan believes we all know we need to take responsibility for our own financial futures, and not relinquish that authority to others – yet that is exactly what most people do! As one of Buddha’s proverbs quite aptly states, “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense.” Brendan believes clients of Empower Wealth are among those that choose to take control, leverage from the team’s expertise, develop a plan, build their wealth, and decide their own financial future.

Brendan’s desire to help others also extends to his local community where he serves as a Volunteer Firefighter with his local CFA Brigade on call 24hr/day, and as Treasurer on the Brigade Management Team. Outside of Property Investing and his duties at the CFA, Brendan enjoys time with Family, Travelling, Trail Running, Sailing and Reading anything related to wealth creation and personal development.

Brendan is a legend. He is amazing, calm, patient, helpful and great to work with. I love the fact that meetings are not time-limited (perhaps I used his time more than I should) and you are allowed to clear all of your questions. We feel great about our future. We are pumped to get things started and moving. Hopefully we’ll update our testimonial in 10 years time and confirm all strategies and plans we have put together works and we are going to reach our goals.

- Omid May 2019

I'm so grateful for having worked with Brendan and the team at Empower Wealth to provide me with a Property Portfolio Plan and set me up on my way to building an investment portfolio!

- Harrison May 2019

Would like to Thank the Empower Wealth team in particular Brendan for formulating a Property Pan. This Plan will empower me on my journey towards property investing as I have a goal and a plan to progress can be checked. When funds permit I will definitely engage Empower Wealth to further develop my property plan into a portfolio plan. There were no unmet expectations, I got what I paid and asked for.

- Bryce April 2019

Brendan and team is so efficient in delivering our Property Portfolio Plan in a very personalised way. They are also very accommodating in terms of meeting time as we both are very busy. They all are also very professional. We are still yet to see how the Empower Wealth's Buyer Agent will perform for buying our investment property, but I am pleased with interim discussion with Jake.

- Thi April 2019

I've already created a Property Portfolio Plan with Empower Wealth and have returned to update the plan due to change in personal and market circumstances. As with the initial plan, the whole process was smooth and the information was provided and explained well. The main issue was with our indecision on what we wanted to do so it is always good to have this well thought out prior to meeting. Thanks to all the staff in making this happen and especially our advisor Brendan.

- Michael April 2019

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