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Michael Pope

Wealth & Money Planner

Michael is the Partner and Money and Wealth Planner at Empower Wealth. Michael possesses a MBA, a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and a Bachelor of Engineering and is an expert in the area of financial modeling software.

Michael has an engineering background, and spent over 20 years at Telstra working in the engineering and information technology fields. During that time, he developed a number of analysis and forecasting tools on a variety of software platforms, starting out using the first ever PC spreadsheet program, VisiCalc, and progressing through MultiPlan and Smart Spreadsheet to every version of Excel for PCs. It was here that he first started to develop his knowledge and interest in modelling and forecasting software, creating a suite of tools to forecast demand for data services.

On leaving Telstra in 2002, Michael embarked on a career as a private Share Trader, and spent five years as an educator in the field of buying and selling shares for profit. His experience working with people as an educator led him to believe that there was a widespread need for more comprehensive education on financial matters, including money management and wealth creation. He utilised his software knowledge in this area also, developing software for theoretical simulation of the performance of mechanical share trading systems.

In 2008, Michael started looking for ways to extend his role as an educator and began to investigate systems and tools which would clearly and simply show people where they were and how they were going financially, and which could then assist people to understand and manage their money more effectively, with the ultimate goal of giving people the strategies and tools to create more wealth and achieve financial independence. This led to a meeting with Ben Kingsley, where both realised the synergy of this work with the visions and goals of Empower Wealth.

Since joining Empower Wealth in 2009, Michael has spent much of the past 6 years developing and refining the software tools that underpin Empower Wealth’s Personal Wealth Management Program, including the Personal Financial Fact Find and Property Portfolio Projection Simulator tools which helps our clients to build their own Property Portfolio Plan.

Michael’s role at Empower Wealth allows him to use his passion for analysis and education, to help clients understand their current financial position, take control of their money and achieve better financial outcomes.

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