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Joel Burton

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Joel is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA) at Empower Wealth. He has a history in Project Management, holding a Certificate IV in the field, and is an avid musician.

From Hobart, Joel took the opportunity to relocate to Melbourne in 2009. He was referred to a property investment company by a good friend and that was when everything changed for Joel. He spent the next three years studying and delivering presentations on property investment to families all over the country.

While Joel enjoyed talking to households about the great opportunities property can deliver, he became unhappy with the quality and objectivity of the advice the companies he was working for were giving their clients. Joel decided to leave the field and secured a technical sales position with a reputable security company based in Melbourne. During his three years in security, Joel continued to study property in his own time and soon realised that this was where his career and passion lay. With this in mind, he joined Empower Wealth, a company that agreed with his ethics and shared his client-focused attitude.

Joel finds fulfilment in his role by being able to give his clients clarity on their current situation and hope for their future. He has a strong drive to ensure his clients are beginning their journey with Empower Wealth in an informed and exciting way and places great value on the importance of education. He not only wants his clients to know what they need to do around investing, but to also build his clients’ knowledge to understand why they are doing it from both a personal and technical viewpoint. This builds conviction and comfort when entering the property market.

Recently married, Joel spends his spare time studying, reading and playing soccer several times a week. He is still active with his music and runs his own side business with his wife, Angela, providing musical entertainment for weddings and corporate events. Joel’s long-term vision is to grow his property portfolio and practice the advice he provides to clients with Empower Wealth to take care of his family’s financial future.

Working with Joel has been wholly worthwhile and an educational experience. I walked into Empower Wealth with uncertainties about property investment choices for the future and the regular meetings I've had with Joel as well as listening to the property couch podcast have helped develop my understand of property investing. It has given me confidence in making the decision to appropriately target the appropriate first investment property with my current financial status. The property portfolio plan has also been provided a clear illustration of how future property purchases could look like, and how they would affect my cashflows, which always been difficult for me to wrap my head around.

- Matthew, VIC October 2019

Highly recommended. Received a lot of value from financial assessment and property plan. Generous with knowledge, diligent, efficient and trustworthy. A very good team to include in your tribe of mentors.

- Meg, SA October 2019

I was first introduced to Ben and Bryce through their ‘Making Money Simple Again’, an easy to follow guide on how to manage your everyday money. I was seeking new strategies on where to direct our income and control our expenses, as well as the best way to redirect our money for wealth building. I followed their steps, which took a couple of months of reorganising our finances and changing our behaviours, but I could definitely see improvements within months. It would have been earlier, if I had chosen the New Year to commence, instead of prior to Xmas, due to the increase of spending during this time. It was through this book, I was guided to set up the Money Smarts online portal, instead of reporting from our cloud bookkeeping program Reckon. Being such a visual person, I found Money Smarts so much easier to keep up to date and to see the tracking of our money. Moving on from there, I was then introduced in the book to their podcast, ‘The Property Couch’. Although my husband and I had bought, built and sold property in the past, we had some financial mismanagement in conjunction with having a young family and single income, so we decided to start fresh by focusing on just having an owner-occupied property and shares. There was gold in every episode, and still is! I had some binge listening to attend to, as Ben & Bryce had already recorded 185 episodes at that stage, and although we had been on a journey of our own with property, I was like a sponge and was eager to learn from our mistakes. Seeing the benefits of their daily money management strategies and gaining confidence by listening to their podcasts, I felt it was super important to develop a financial plan to carry us through to our retirement years. I then decided to engage their team to help us out on the best strategy for us in moving forward. We were introduced to Joel Burton via Zoom and after several weeks of getting to know us, understanding our financial background, our risk profiles and our goals, Joel has now completed our Property Portfolio Plan. We weren’t rushed into making any decisions and Joel was very patient as well as directive when asked. I’m excited but also relieved….to having new financial ventures to look forward to, but also a road map on how we are going to get there. We may be the captain of our ship, but knowing we have Empower Wealth and in particular Joel as our rudder, provides us the guidelines for stability and security. Thanks Team!

- Evan & Gabby, QLD October 2019

Overall great experience, I really valued being able to work with one team from property planning through to purchase.

- Lachlan, QLD September 2019

We were both very pleased with the Property Portfolio Plan that was prepared for us by Joel. We have a received a solid road map that will help us strategically plan our investment and wealth creation journey. No other business seemed to offer a tailored solution, other businesses focused on completion of their course, implement their strategy etc. As a couple, we feel that we are now on the same page in relation to how we will achieve our financial goals. Having such a plan provides us with the confidence and certainty that we can achieve our goals. We both feel that the cost and time spent working on this plan was time and money very well spent. We have no hesitation in recommending Joel and Empower Wealth for their Property Portfolio Plan service, and we are planning to engage Empower Wealth for other services in the future.

- Edel and Jeff, VIC September 2019

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