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Amanda Jachowski

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Amanda is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor at Empower Wealth. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Science and Mathematics and a Post-graduate Honours degree in Molecular Biology.

Before joining the team, Amanda had an 18-year career in the pharmaceutical industry. Providing medical research-based advice to healthcare professionals and patients on the safe and effective use of their medicines. While in her personal time, she was learning how to successfully invest in property.

Since 2007, Amanda has responsibly leveraged their modest family surplus to now hold a successful investment portfolio of six properties in various suburbs across Australia.

Amanda enjoyed giving people advice to improve their health, so the move to helping others improve their wealth with property was an exciting idea. She took the opportunity to pivot her career on the realisation that she could combine her love for property investing and her desire to help others, in an ethical and responsible way at Empower Wealth.

Her passion for wealth creation comes from the inspiring and independent female role models in her life. As a busy working mum herself, she understands the value of practical systems and frameworks to help you trap a monthly surplus. She knows that having the right team of experts around you is critical to set you up for success.

Amanda takes a thoroughly researched approach to property investing, partnered with a robust defence strategy. She enjoys showing others how to create wealth using property without putting the family budget under stress. She believes that with the right advice and support everyone can improve their financial future and enjoy more of what really matters to them.

When Amanda is not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends in her hometown of Canberra. She loves to travel and have new experiences. You may also find her on a Saturday at an open home or two.



We had the pleasure of working with Amanda from Empower Wealth. Her expertise and dedication to her clients are commendable. She crafted a personalized plan that exceeded our expectations, taking into account our financial goals. Amanda's attention to detail and strategic approach gave us the confidence to make informed decisions about our financial future. Her professionalism and friendly demeanor made the process enjoyable and stress-free. We highly recommend Amanda and Empower Wealth.

- Joshua Kratzmann, QLD January 2024

We had gone through couple of property investment companies before Empowering Wealth and even bought our first investment property through one of them. It was just after we settled on our house and land package investment property that I read "The Armchair Guide to Property Investing". After reading the book, I knew Empowering Wealth would be different and sure was from the very first time I contacted EW! With their plan, we now have a clear picture of what lies ahead for us just like in the 6 case studies at the end of the book! Couldn't recommend them enough to anyone who is keen to work on their retirement plan with property. The money spent is well worth! We are super excited to getting our second investment property (first with EW) sometime this year. Thank your Empowering Wealth. 

- Kiran Gurung, WA January 2024

My wife and I are very happy that we proceeded with Empower Wealth to plan our desired financial future through property investment. We are so grateful to Amanda, who has been incredibly informative and patient, making the process so easy. Thank you Amanda!

- James Carpenter, NSW December 2023

After listening to the Property Couch over a few years and reading both the books, my wife and I were keen to take the next step once we felt in control of our daily money management. We already had one investment property in SE QLD however, had purchased it through an investment advisor who did not have our best interest at heart as we later learned after listening to the Podcast. We wanted to make an informed decision on what steps we needed to put in place now (mid 30s / two kids family) to enjoy a retirement at 55 y.o. and healthy passive income. We were immediately impressed by the professionalism of our Empowered Investment Advisor - Amanda and the transparency of the product Empowered was offering. The truely independent advice at a reasonable fee for service is exactly the information we needed to make an informed decision on what we need to do over the next 20 years of our working lives to achieve financial freedom in retirement and set up a strong financial foundation for our children. We are now tracking on the plan with first big muscle movements this time next year. With a clear goal in sight and support from Empowered Wealth, we are confident we can hit our planned target. Highly recommend this service for busy professionals in need of some expertise and guidance on how to secure their desired financial future through property investment.

- Cain Taylor, NSW November 2023

Down to earth, trustworthy and incredibly professional team who held our hands through the entire process. No question was too silly, no point was not worth clarifying. It was a perfect process.

- Matt Vitiello, VIC October 2023

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