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Polly Chu

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Polly is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA) at Empower Wealth. Prior to joining Empower Wealth, Polly worked in professional services and banking for 13 years across Australia and UK. She is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Information Systems, and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

Polly was introduced to the power of property investing through Robert Kyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and brought her first property in Melbourne at 25. Having worked through the challenges of the Global Financial Crisis and the Euro debt crisis, Polly understood the importance of having multiple income sources and the freedom it could offer. Although Polly’s accounting experience was focused on corporates and institutions, she has always been interested in personal finance and in her spare time, continued to invest and accumulate growth assets. She now has a portfolio of 5 residential properties (her preferred asset class), shares, ETFs and fixed income for diversification purposes.

As an avid listener of The Property Couch podcast, Polly resonated with the passion and ethics of Empower Wealth and seized the opportunity to help others to achieve financial freedom by making informed investment choices.

Outside of work, Polly enjoys traveling and the outdoors, tennis and attending musicals.



Polly is a fantastic Property Investment Advisor. Very glad to have reconnected with Empower Wealth through her. Her perspective and planning is invaluable to anyone serious about property investing!

- Anthony Nassour, NSW November 2023

Polly was great to work with, she made us feel welcome and relaxed. She explained the process in great detail and outline what our expectations should be from the first meeting.

- Jarryd bannan, VIC November 2023

Fantastic service from start to finish. Polly is very detailed, and she steps you through the process and empowers your decision-making so that you choose the options that suit your lifestyle and financial goals.

- Asanka De November 2023

The whole process was fantastic; communication was great and we feel that we’ve gained a lot from Empower Wealth.

- Ellie Johnson, VIC October 2023

I found Empower Wealth when I was researching how to use the equity in my home to buy an investment property. The information out there was confusing. Then I found the Property Couch Podcast and learned about the book The Armchair Guide to Property Investing - so I bought it, read it and booked my appointment. I only wish I had done this sooner, like years sooner, as I am now only 11 years off retirement. Regardless, a plan was developed for me that will get me to where I want to be. Had I done this in my thirties, my financial position would be incredible. Doing it in my early 50's limited my options BUT I now have a plan to see me into retirement and live the life I dreamed. Without Empower Wealth, I worry what my retired life would have been like - I am so happy that I did not do this alone and used their incredible expertise. The future is now exciting instead of scary. I am eternally grateful.

- Louise GINMAN, NSW September 2023

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