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David Robertson

Head of Property Wealth Planning and Head of Buyers Agency

David is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor at Empower Wealth and holds Diplomas in Management & Risk Management and a Certificate IV in Accounting.

Before joining the team David had a 14-year career serving in the Army where he spent his spare time learning how to invest his surplus cash. After building a successful investment portfolio he now wants to help others achieve the same result.

David’s passion for wealth creation led him to consume everything he could find on the subject and he soon learnt there are some fundamental principles that you can apply no matter the asset class or market condition. These principles have served him well over the years, especially finding opportunities during the 2008 financial crisis and other periods of uncertainty.
It didn’t take long before David was educating friends and family on how they could also achieve the same results, so when the opportunity came up to turn his passion to help others into a new career at Empower Wealth, David didn’t hesitate.

David gains immense satisfaction from taking the complexities of wealth creation and translating that into language that everyone can understand. He believes that with the right education and planning everyone can reach their financial goals.

When David is not working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends or maintaining his fitness through gym or hiking. David also enjoys continually learning through reading, podcasts and courses, some of his favourite investors are Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Ray Dalio and Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

I’m grateful for the way David is so patient and works with us to achieve our financial goals.

- Linda, SA December 2020

After spending a lot of time and energy trying to decide which direction we should take our property journey and having listened to the Property couch podcast we decided to book an appointment with Empower Wealth. After our initial consultation with Dave, we were sold that this plan was for us. Dave and the teams ability to completely tailor a plan to our personal and financial position was an experience we have never seen from other property investment companies. We now have a solid and achievable passive income pathway that includes our future life plans and living expenses, which has allowed us to concentrate on the other important things in life, knowing that we are able to rely on this financial plan. We can't recommend this plan enough!

- Jack, QLD December 2020

We couldn’t be happier with the service provided to us by our advisor David Robertson. He was extremely generous with his time to gain an understanding of our situation in order to provide a meaningful property investment plan that met our needs. We were also delighted with the services and expertise provided by our mortgage broker Mat Kirk. With the help of Empower Wealth with David, Mat, and their team, we were able to develop a sound investment strategy, building on our existing investments and buy our dream home with confidence.

- Justin & Alison, NSW November 2020

David has been an absolute legend from the get go, it's been an absolute pleasure working with him!

- Adam, VIC October 2020

I'm very impressed with the plan I was given by David and the team at Empower Wealth. When the time comes to purchase my first property, I will definitely be using their Mortgage Broker services too!

- Joshua, QLD September 2020

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