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Stuart Bartram

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Stuart is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor. Prior to the Property Investment industry, Stuart held leadership positions across the majority of his 15 year digital advertising career working for MediaMath, LinkedIn, DoubleClick / Google and other multinationals across Australia and the UK. He holds a BA (Hons) in Financial Services from the University of West of England and a Financial Planning Certificate from the Chartered Insurance Institute in the UK.

Concurrent to his digital career, Stuart’s interest in money and wealth creation stemmed from a young age and he has been passionate about property since coming to live in Australia. He bought his first property in 2001 and now owns a multi-million dollar portfolio.

With an eye for numbers and problem solving skills, he’s serviced advertising agencies and brands in previous roles. By taking a client centric approach and understanding the brand needs and objectives, Stuart advised them on the best solutions to achieve their desired goals.

After binge listening to over 100 episodes of The Property Couch, he was motivated to transfer his skills to help everyday Australian households achieve a passive income at retirement. He contacted Empower Wealth and now enjoys helping people build wealth over the long term through property investing. His experience, passion and analytical skills form a solid foundation to be able to provide professional advice in this sometimes complicated area.

Stuart is married with 2 girls and his weekends are spent running around with them. In his spare time, he is training for the next Obstacle Course Race (Tough Mudder and Spartan).

I began my Empower Wealth experience by meeting Stuart Bartram who is one of their Qualified Property Investment Advisers. I chose Empower Wealth because of the overwhelmingly amount of positive reviews that I discovered when trying to decide on which Property Advisory company to engage. Despite my secure financial position I wanted to build my property investment portfolio as I had not dedicated as much time and resources to this segment of my overall financial wealth. However I also didn’t just want to rush in and purchase another investment property (or two) without making sure I had the financial resources to accomplish this within a period of time that was acceptable to me as I didn’t want to compromise too much on my lifestyle, nor did I want to be still paying off my loan well into my 70’s and 80’s. So I subscribed to the Property Portfolio Plan because I also had experienced mixed success using different buyers agents and I wanted a complete review of my existing property portfolio before purchasing another property. On meeting Stuart I felt immediately relaxed talking to him. I must admit that sometimes I can find it a little uncomfortable revealing some of my personal financial information to a person that I have just met but Stuart’s likeable and friendly nature made it quite easy to provide all my financial details. This is essential so that Empower Wealth can fully understand how you are currently positioned and for them to provide you with a property plan with realistic and achievable goals in the future. In the end you’ll be provided with a comprehensive property portfolio plan with projections so that you’ll also be able to use it as a road map for the future. Although the Property Portfolio Plan requires some patience as the process can take up to 4 – 6 weeks, I found the whole experience to be very rewarding and it has given me confidence that I can achieve my goals within an acceptable time frame. Even though my knowledge of all things financial made this exercise very seamless, I would argue that this plan is probably even more important for those who don’t know how or where to begin in their property journey. I think the biggest compliment I can give Empower Wealth and in particular Stuart, is that it feels like they genuinely care and that they want you to achieve success in your objectives. I highly recommend their property advisory service and have been so impressed that I have now engaged one of their buyers agents.

- Kevin, NSW December 2019

We had no financial direction before we started work with Empower Wealth; now Stuart has helped us plan our financial future and we could not fault him in any way. He has made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process which just made everything easier.

- Owen, NSW December 2019

The entire process from the time we committed through to the end of the process was very thorough, and our advisor, Stuart, was very professional. We went in with some ideas about where and when we were going next in our journey, and whilst it wasn't easy to hear, Stuart provided a very realistic picture of where we currently are and what we need to do to get where we want to go. With a few tweaks to our preconceived ideas, we now know that we can achieve what we set out for; an early, comfortable retirement. The portal made inputting our information extremely easy, and it also provides ongoing support and analysis of our situation, at our fingertips. I highly recommend both Empower Wealth and Stuart if you are looking for assistance and proper planning of your financial freedom journey.

- Mark, NSW November 2019

Thank you to Stuart (and in his brief time, Brett) for navigating us through a very tricky time in our life. Before we came to you we felt like we were in the 'too hard basket' for everyone. After the past month not only do we have a strategy but also more hope that the future will look brighter once we get through this phase of rectifying all the nasties in our financial history, to finally be able to buy our PPR. We have already recommended you to many friends and family, and look forward to working with you again in the future.

- Tien and Sidney, NSW November 2019

Being small business owners provided a more complicated situation to normal. Stuart and the team provided us with an amazing amount of time getting to know us and our current position, which in the end made us more aware of where we sit. The process wasn't rushed just to tick a box, we felt comfortable throughout and now have a clear vision of our future life. Massive thanks to Stuart and the whole Empower Wealth team for their time and patience to help us.

- Matt October 2019

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