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Stuart Bartram

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Stuart is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor. Prior to the Property Investment industry, Stuart held leadership positions across the majority of his 15 year digital advertising career working for MediaMath, LinkedIn, DoubleClick / Google and other multinationals across Australia and the UK. He holds a BA (Hons) in Financial Services from the University of West of England and a Financial Planning Certificate from the Chartered Insurance Institute in the UK.

Concurrent to his digital career, Stuart’s interest in money and wealth creation stemmed from a young age and he has been passionate about property since coming to live in Australia. He bought his first property in 2001 and now owns a multi-million dollar portfolio.

With an eye for numbers and problem solving skills, he’s serviced advertising agencies and brands in previous roles. By taking a client centric approach and understanding the brand needs and objectives, Stuart advised them on the best solutions to achieve their desired goals.

After binge listening to over 100 episodes of The Property Couch, he was motivated to transfer his skills to help everyday Australian households achieve a passive income at retirement. He contacted Empower Wealth and now enjoys helping people build wealth over the long term through property investing. His experience, passion and analytical skills form a solid foundation to be able to provide professional advice in this sometimes complicated area.

Stuart is married with 2 girls and his weekends are spent running around with them. In his spare time, he is training for the next Obstacle Course Race (Tough Mudder and Spartan).

I met Stu a while ago after listening to The Property Couch podcast. At our stage in life we were building a house and expecting our first child. During the process of getting the Property Portfolio Plan together, we had the Christmas break, and our child was born 7 weeks premature. Through all of this, Stu was on top of our situation and was sympathetic to our availability and was able to work around our life situation. I am yet to meet with him after the plan has been finalised, but have read through the document and am keen to make the necessary changes to follow it. The whole process was a pleasure, and even though my wife isn't great with numbers, Stu managed to explain everything to her so she understood all that was happening.

- Nick March 2019

Empower Wealth provided us with the ability to plan our future with confidence. Their experience and comprehensive approach to planning our path to wealth has been very much appreciated and valued. Furthermore, accessing multiple services allowed for greater efficiency and communication between all parties. We were kept fully informed throughout the duration of the process and our opinion was always respected. We were able to place full confidence in their knowledge and expertise, knowing our future is in good hands.

- Penny February 2019

The Property Portfolio Plan Stu delivered to us was totally bespoke to our current situation and retirement goals. It's a well defined road map that we can follow and keeps us accountable for every stage of the plan. It's a good feeling and puts us at ease knowing what's in front of us.

- Alvin February 2019

Working with Empower Wealth to develop my Property Portfolio Plan was both positive and realistic in terms of setting my expectations. Being in my mid-20s, I’m aware that anything that I do now will be compounded expediently over the long term.  Having listened to the podcast and taking action, it has re-affirmed to me the value of property. This is coming from someone who previously only invested in shares and bonds. I will definitely be adding property to my overall investment portfolio; however I will diversify myself through multiple asset classes. The team at Empower Wealth give you the vibe that they're not out to get your money and acting in their own interest, the fees are transparent and fair, the people are professional and down to earth. I will be coming back to them once I've moved up a bit in my career and married with combined incomes. Excited for the future and looking forward to re-visiting Stu and the gang as a married couple down the track. Can't wait to build up my property portfolio, I’m itching to get started!

- Dru February 2019

Stuart's professionalism and enthusiasm made the meetings more enjoyable. He explained the plan in fine detail and ensured that it met our expectations and goals. He also shared his experiences with us to give it a personal touch. We are keen to get our Property Portfolio Plan in action so that we can achieve our goals. Thank you Stuart!

- Keno February 2019

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