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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

China’s Economic Slowdown and Its Impact on Australian Interest Rates

In the vibrant spring season, it’s that time again for our September Economic and RBA commentary update. As always, the economic landscape is ever-evolving, and this month we have several key areas of focus.

Join Ben as he breaks down the RBA’s latest decision.

In today’s RBA release, here are our key themes for this month’s economic update:

  • Analysing the impact of China’s economic slowdown on Australian interest rates.
  • Honouring the departing RBA Governor: A special tribute
  • Delving into property updates: Spotlight on Supply Absorption.
  • And lastly, some startling data that might be concerning for some

Tune in to stay updated on the latest market developments and gain valuable insights for making informed financial decisions.

And here are all the time stamps!

00:00 – Today’s summary on RBA September 2023 Cash Rate!

World Economic Update Segment:

0:56 – United States Update
1:08 – United States: Annual Inflation Data
3:35 – United States: Interest Rates
5:04 – United States: Labour Market Data Story
7:55 – United States: Business Data
9:15 – United States: Overall Economic Summary
10:57 – China: Overall Economic Summary
11:31 – China: Inflation
15:39 – China: Business Data
17:17 – China – Australia Economic Relationship
20:30 – Europe: Inflation Data
22:30 – Europe: Employment Story
23:06 – Europe: Consumer Confidence
24:25 – Europe: Business Confidence

Australian Economy Segment

26:14 – The Cash Rate Announcement!
28:40 – Special tribute to the outgoing RBA Governor, Dr Phillip Lowe
33:04 – Inflation Story
38:30 – Labor Force Data
40:17 – Consumer Sentiment
41:32 – Australian Retail/Consumer Spending
43:29 – Business Confidence Data

Property Market Update

47:07 – The Australian Property Story & Housing Finance
49:12 – Property Price Movements
53:35 – Ben’s Warning to All Investors – Location Selection
55:30 – The troubling data!

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