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Meet Sarah Wing-Tang

Sarah is a key member of Empower Wealth’s Financial Planning Administration team. From her background in superannuation to her role at Empower Wealth, Sarah shares how she forms meaningful relationships with clients, ensuring they feel confident in their decisions and helping them towards their financial goals.


My name is Sarah, I’m part of the Financial Planning Administration team, which means that I take clients through implementation and maintaining their accounts with us.

How did you get started in the Financial Planning Industry?

Originally, I started off in superannuation. I worked for superannuation funds for about three and a half years before moving over to Empower Wealth. Well, I have a few friends who work here, and I’ve only heard good things. When I heard that they were looking for an administration officer, I kind of just put my hand up, threw my hat in the ring.

What do you enjoy most about your current role in the Financial Planning Team?

I think the most significant difference is the relationship I have with clients. Where I was working before with just one superannuation fund, it was very surface level in how I could help people.

Meanwhile, as part of the financial planning team in Empower Wealth, I actually get to form bonds and relationships with my clients. I get to help them from implementation onwards.

I get to make sure that they’re doing okay and they’re feeling confident in the advice that is being provided to them, and help kind of simplify it to make it easily understandable.

What’s one of your most memorable moments with a client?

The most memorable moment I’ve had with a client was we were about three quarters of the way through implementation, and there was quite a lot going on. We were opening an assortment of accounts. They required lots of back and forth, lots of hand signatures as well that couldn’t be sent via DocuSign.

And I could tell this client was getting a little bit frustrated with everything. They were, a little bit confused as to what was going on as well. I mean, the Statement Of Advice documents are quite lengthy. So I set up a time with them and called them and gave them a step by step process of, “This is what we’re doing. I’m going to send this to you one thing at a time. So all you’ll need to do is sign one thing, and then we’ll move on to opening the next one. It will take a bit longer if we do it this way, but that way there’s no confusion and I can actually walk you through these steps and this process with you.”

And at the end of it, it did take about three months to get everything sorted.

But at the end of it, this client came out so much more informed, so much more comfortable in the actions that they had signed up for and came out really thankful for how much effort that not only me but her advisor had gone to, to make sure that she was meeting these goals and really comfortable and knowledgeable in the actions that we were taking.

Tips for someone looking to engage a Financial Planner

I think the biggest one is just to do it. Like, don’t second guess yourself, really kind of just go for it and see how you feel.

I think the most important point is taking that first step in seeking financial advice.

The second one is making sure that you are comfortable with your financial advisor. This is to make sure you’re asking questions.

Make sure that if there is anything that you want information about, if you’re not sure, or even if you’re not, or even if you don’t know exactly what you want, make sure that you are talking to your financial advisor. Make sure that you are asking questions, and make sure that you know what goal you want to reach.

Whether it be attainable or unattainable, that’s for the financial planner to really flesh out, investigate, and let you know. All you need to have is a goal in mind.

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