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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Dec 2023 | Market Wrap and Property Trends in 2024

Note: Apologies for the technical glitch occurring at the 7-second and 5-minute marks of the video. Rest assured, our team is actively addressing this issue and working towards a swift resolution. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to the concluding Economic and RBA report for the year! It’s been a noteworthy year at the Reserve Bank of Australia. We’ve experienced five rate rises, bringing the total rate increase for 2023 to 1.25%. We also bid farewell to our previous Governor, Dr Philip Lowe, and welcomed Michele Bullock, the first woman to lead the RBA in its 63-year history.

So, what will the final cash rate release for 2023 be?

Tune in to find out more! In this release, Ben will also delve into:

  • Has the US concluded its Interest Rate tightening cycle?
  • RBA Governor Michelle Bullock’s slide deck debunking that any ‘here and now’ talk of high inflation still being imported via wars or supply chain challenges is no longer the case, and as such, not factually correct.
  • Lastly, in his extensive property update, Ben will be sharing his 2023 Property Market Summary and his initial insights on the ten Macro forces influencing different property markets in 2024.

Additionally, we’ve recently unveiled two brief videos on property selling. If the current rate hikes are impacting your cash flow, be sure to explore these videos. Here are the links:

Now, let’s delve into this month’s data. Here are all the time stamps!

World Economic Update Segment:

00:00 – Introduction
01:03 – US Data: Inflation and Interest Rates
05:51 – US Data: Labor Market
06:55 – US Data: Consumer Data
09:32 – US Data: Business Data
11:28 – US Data: Services PMI Data
13:09 – US Property Market
14:39 – Summary of US Economy

17:01 – China Data: Inflation
19:08 – China Data: Employment Story
19:27 – China Data: Retail Sales
20:49 – China Data: Business Data
22:19 – Summary of China Economy

23:26 – Eurozone Data: GDP
24:26 – Eurozone Data: Inflation
25:52 – Eurozone Data: Employment
27:14 – Eurozone Data: Consumer Data
27:59 – Eurozone Data: Business Confidence Data
28:45 – Summary of Eurozone Economy

Australian Economy Segment

29:59 – Inflation through the eye of Michele Bullock
37:46 – RBA December 2023 Cash Rate!
41:46 – Employment and Unemployment
44:12 – Consumer Sentiment and Retail Sales
46:49 – Business Confidence and Conditions

Australian Property Market Update

51:03 – Housing Credit Data
52:25 – CoreLogic Data
53:52 – Australia Property Market 2023 Wrap
01:03:41 – Short Video Series – Selling your Property
01:04:31 – Property Trend in 2024 – Macro Factors Affecting Supply and Demand

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