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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

RBA Oct 2023 | To Stick or Slip? Inflation Trend, Property Supply, and an Overlooked Lesson

With recent headlines buzzing about Australia’s economic shifts, we’re back with our October Economic and RBA commentary update. There’s a lot to unpack this month, and as always, Ben is here to dissect and deliver the essential details.

In this October’s RBA release, here’s what’s on the horizon for our economic discussion:

  • Navigating the labyrinth of inflation: Is it a transient blip or a continuing trend?
  • Property perspectives: Diving deep into the market’s supply intricacies.
  • Concluding with a valuable lesson: A recent revelation in behavioral economics that showcases its profound impact on inflation and investment. A lesson so pivotal, it shouldn’t have been missed.

Join us to stay informed and enlightened, making sense of October’s economic intricacies and gleaning insights for your financial journey.

And here are all the time stamps!

00:00 – Today’s summary on RBA October 2023 Cash Rate!

World Economic Update Segment:

1:11 – United States Economic Update
1:21 – United States: Annual Inflation Data
2:56 – United States: Interest Rates
4:29 – United States: Labour Market Data Story
5:54 – United States: Consumer Data Story
6:26 – United States: Consumer Confidence Story
7:26 – United States: Business Data
9:07 – China: Inflation
10:05 – China: Interest Rate Story
10:48 – China: Employment Story
11:29 – China: Consumer Picture Story >> Retail Sales
11:51 – China: Business Data
13:29 – China Economic Update Summary
14:12 – Europe: Inflation Data
16:08 – ECB Interest Rate Call
17:55 – Europe: Consumer Confidence
18:30 – Europe: Consumer Spending
18:53 – Europe: Business Confidence
19:07 – Europe Economic Update Summary

Australian Economy Segment

19:47 – RBA October 2023 Cash Rate!
21:17 – Review on the National Accounts Data
24:20 – Inflation Story
27:09 – Labor Force Data
29:05 – Consumer Sentiment
29:59 – Australia Consumer Spending Story
31:07 – Australia Business Data Story

Property Market Update

35:52 – The Australian Property Data Story

40:34 – Capital Cities Property Listings in the last 12 months
43:26 – Ben’s message on Behavioral Economic Lesson

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