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Australian property investment news

In our drive to provide up-to-date and educational wealth building information, Empower Wealth has been publishing monthly property newsletters since 2009. Our content is independent and produced in-house based on reliable data and the expertise, experience and knowledge of our advisors. If you think we've missed out on any specific topics, please let us know!

December 2013 – RBA Newsletter

Posted 05/12/2013

Here is Ben Kingsley’s commentary on the December 2013 RBA Rate Decision. We have also included one of our success stories on helping our client buy an Investment Property in their dream area, North Fitzroy; and an article on the Do’s and Don’ts when Boosting your Super Contributions.

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February 2013 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 10/02/2013

First RBA Rate announcement for 2013! Plus, our team revealed the Top 100 Property Household Type in Melbourne, the effect that skipping a bill payment has on your Personal Credit File, the 7 BIGGEST Property Investment Mistakes and Understanding and Playing the Game of Risk.

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January 2013 – Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 22/01/2013

First newsletter for 2013 and we talk about the possibility of a Market Crash in 2013, letting Money control your life and Banks to pass on the remaining RBA rate cuts.

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December 2012 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 15/12/2012

This month, we write about Making an Irresistible Offer to the vendor’s agent, essential Attitude towards Investing, purchasing a week before Christmas, looking at Leveraging on others skills and knowledge and the monthly RBA Update.

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November 2012 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 10/11/2012

This month’s, our team write about the highly debatable Australian Property Market condition, avoiding your fear of bidding, how to use leverage in your investment and buying your first property.

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October 2012 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 15/10/2012

In this months newsletter, we uncovers the practice of real estate agent underquoting; Bryce Holdaway explains why budgets don’t work and what you can do about it; compares sport to mortgages; Michael Pope continues his multi-part series focusing on Return on Investment; Ben Kingsley poses the question of will you have enough money to retire comfortably; and we cover the RBA’s latest decision regarding interest rates

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September 2012 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 14/09/2012

In this months newsletter, we cover the RBA’s latest decision regarding interest rates; the secrets of a professional property negotiator; who you should turn to when faced with life’s big decisions; the IMPACT of knowledge on your investments; and how to become time rich if you’re currently time poor.

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August 2012 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 15/08/2012

Happy New Year! In this first newsletter for 2014, we are very excited to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new How To Sessions! Increasing awareness and educating people on investing, particularly Property Investment, is our passion in the business and we are keen to assist people in different stages of their investment journey. Enjoy!

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