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January 2014 – Property Investment Newsletter

What is How To Sessions?

The How To Sessions is a new part of our website and we are excited to introduce these short videos to increase people’s awareness in investing, particularly in Property Investment. In this video, Ben Kingsley, our CEO & Founder explains why we are doing this and what contents you can expect each month. Check them out today!

What are the Risks in Residential Property?

Every type of investment comes with a variety of risks and it is impossible to have a risk free one, especially in Property Investment. However, the best investment decision is made only when you are aware of the shortfalls. To kick start our How To Sessions, Ben Kingsley lists out a few of the main risks in Residential Property.

How many Properties are needed to create a Passive Income?

“TEN properties in FIVE years!” We often find this headline but in Property Investment, how many properties are enough? In this How to Session, Bryce Holdaway talks about how many properties you actually need to create a passive income in retirement.

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