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November 2012 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

Is the Australian Property Market about to crash?

Despite the gloom and doom being painted by overseas gurus who are predicting that the Australian property market will crash like they had overseas, Bryce Holdaway gives four reasons why the Australian property market is unlikely to crash. Read more

An early Christmas Present?

Bidding is scary, at least for some people. But what if, as an early Christmas present, we tell you that you can avoid the whole awkwardness and simply score your ideal property by getting it “off market”? Read more

The Impact of Leverage

You think you may have outsmarted the banks, you think you know what the banks are doing with investments/loans but Michael Pope confirms all these theories using practical numbers that might just surprise you. Read more

When is the RIGHT time to buy your first home?

Interest rate falling, First Home Owner grant changing and economic turbulence. All these are factors to consider when you take the next big step in buying your first home. But are you under or over-thinking it? Ben Kingsley writes about two of the main things that you MUST consider before anything else. Read more

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