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January 2013 – Property Investment Newsletter

Will the market crash in 2013?

So we survive the apocalypse that the Mayans predicted but will we survive the market crash in 2013, should there be one? Read what Bryce Holdaway has to say about this year’s property outlook. Read more

Your state of wallet plays with your state of mind

“Money doesn’t buy you Happiness”. We hear this quote all the time but in some cases, is this really true? This time, Ben Kingsley writes about how you can ensure that money doesn’t dictate your life and make this quote a reality. Read more

Banks to move on rates outside of RBA Call

We have noticed a few rate cuts in the past year but unsurprisingly, the banks never passed on the full rates. Our Mortgage Broking team tells us what is the bank’s logic and will 2013 be the year when they finally passed on the long overdue rates? Read more

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