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December 2012 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

RBA Rates

The rate cut of 25 basis points may be an early Christmas gift for mortgage holders or even for those who are thinking of purchasing their first/next property. Ben Kingsley explains the logic
behind RBA’s decision and what to expect from it. Read more

Making your Offer Irresistible

Ever submit an offer to the Agent only to get turned down cause it’s too low? Our Buyers Agent Team share their success stories on how to ensure it is not just the monetary value that attracts the agent but the conditions too! Read more

Another Look at Leverage

Imagine how nice it would be if we have more time to go on a holiday without checking on the share market or have a quiet dinner without being interrupted with constant phone calls. Michael Pope applies the theory of Leverage on others skills and knowledge and how it can save you more time and possible, money! Read more

Is the week before Christmas a good time to buy property?

It’s near Christmas and the property market is kind of slow. Real estate agents are not so active and so are the buyers. But is it a good time to pounce when you have spotted the
one? Read what Bryce Holdaway has to say about buying during this festive season. Read more

Interest rates outlook for 2013 – Variable or Fix?

In view of Australia’s current historical low interest rate and the political turmoil in Europe, wouldn’t it be a wise move to fix the home loan rate now? Cameron Morgan writes about what we do and don’t know of the current condition and how to ensure sufficient research is done before jumping into any fixed term. Read more

Having your cake and eating it too?

Ben Kingsley’s CEO and Founder of Empower Wealth categories some of the types of people he has met and advised and poses the question – Can you have your cake and eat it too? Read more

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