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February 2013 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

RBA Rates

The rate being kept at 3.00% for the first RBA cash rate announcement in 2013 comes as no surprise to both economists and commentators around Australia. Ben Kingsley, CEO and Founder of Empower Wealth, shares his opinion on the factors that lead to this decision. Read more

Property Success Story – $20,000 saved

This month, we will be sharing one of our recent Inner Melbourne brief with us. Read how our team cleverly negotiated and successfully saved $20,000 for our client! Read more

Melbourne’s Hottest ‘100 Property Household Types’ revealed

With the Melbourne auction season truly kicking off this weekend, Empower Wealth’s Property Research Division has analysed all public reported auction results for 2012 to establish the 100 hottest Property Household Types by clearance rate across Melbourne. Read more

Your Personal Credit File is more important than ever!

Have you ever paid your bills late and thought, “Nah, it’s okay. I’m only a couple of days late and they won’t sue me”. Well, it’s more than that! Our team explains the importance
of something as simple as paying your bills on time has on getting your loan approved. Read more

7 Biggest Property Investment Mistakes

If you are reading our Newsletter, you are either a Property Investor or going to be one. Before you decide to expand your portfolio, Ben Kingsley writes about the 7 Biggest Property
Investment Mistakes you should watch out for. Read more

Another Look at Risk

To some people, Investment is a Game of Risk. Whether you have the courage to take the plunge or not depends on the cards you have on hand. Read what Michael Pope has to say on interpreting risks and make your plunge a calculated one. Read more

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