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October 2012 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

RBA Rates

The Reserve Bank has left the official cash rate unchanged today at 3.5% following it’s monthly monetary policy meeting. Read more

50 Shades of Underquoting

There are different types of underquoting but at what point is it considered unacceptable? Read more

Why budgets don’t work?

Budgets are a bit like driving down the road with your windscreen blacked out looking only through the rear vision mirror – they measure history… but that’s not enough.. Read more

What does AFL, NRL and Mortgages have in common?

We love our sports; all the competitiveness that comes with it. Have you ever wondered if the same spirit of sportsmanship applies to scoring a good mortgage?. Read more

Nothing ever changes if nothing ever changes

Have you considered if your retirement income will sustain your lifestyle? If not, perhaps it’s time to put away the fear of change and act now. Read more

Return on Investment

What defines Return on Investment and how it differs for Property and other financial assets. Read more

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