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Australian property investment news

In our drive to provide up-to-date and educational wealth building information, Empower Wealth has been publishing monthly property newsletters since 2009. Our content is independent and produced in-house based on reliable data and the expertise, experience and knowledge of our advisors. If you think we've missed out on any specific topics, please let us know!

August 2015 – RBA Newsletter

Posted 07/08/2015

This month’s RBA Newsletter includes Ben’s commentary on the August 2015 RBA Cash Rate announcement and two How To videos on the Buyers’ Decision Quadrant and Rentvesting.

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July 2015 – Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 20/07/2015

In this month’s Property Advisory newsletter, our team talks about why you should be nervous when investing in apartments, whether or not you are paying too much for your property, a guide to property investment research via your computer and Episode 15 of The Property Couch (Real Life Property Investing – Case Study) where we talk about investing in new developments at Brunswick, VIC.

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July 2015 – RBA Newsletter

Posted 07/07/2015

Ben’s commentary on the July 2015 RBA Cash Rate announcement, two How To videos on Decision Fatigue in Property Investment and the Thought Process when Buying a Home and an article on SMSF Lending.

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June 2015 – Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 22/06/2015

Empower Wealth team talks about the five reasons why you shouldn’t invest in property, why character homes get a higher return, part 2 of the A Home is not Just a Home series and Episode 11 of our podcast; Property Spruikers.

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June 2015 – RBA Newsletter

Posted 07/06/2015

This month’s RBA newsletter include Ben’s commentary on the June 2015 Cash Rate announcement and why Renovating does not equal Riches.

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May 2015 – Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 17/05/2015

In this month’s newsletter, our team talks about the different ways to spot a property spruiker, the process of buying a home with an investor’s mindset, understanding the different types of loans and Buying Countercyclical in Episode 9 of The Property Couch.

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May 2015 – RBA Newsletter

Posted 06/05/2015

Here is Ben Kingsley’s commentary on the May 2015 RBA Cash Rate announcement. We have also included a How To video on being a borderless investor and an article on the vital key to success.

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April 2015 – Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 19/04/2015

For April 2015 Newsletter, we talk about the different types of investment advice that is available in the market, if now is the right time to fix, negotiating a great property deal and an Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade Properties in the eight episode of The Property Couch.

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April 2015 – RBA Newsletter

Posted 03/04/2015

This month’s RBA Newsletter is jam packed with good quality contents! We start off with Ben’s commentary on the April 2015 RBA Cash Rate announcement. Then, we have also included a how to video on what could go wrong at unconditional approval, an introduction to our new Podcast – The Property Couch, Simple Tips to keep a Good Credit Rating, and details of a new job opening for a Buyers Agent!

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March 2015 – Property Investment Newsletter

Posted 18/03/2015

Here are the things we’ve included in our March 2015 Property Advisory Newsletter: three how to sessions on Affordability issue in Australia, four ways an investor will pay, what happens once your contract becomes Unconditional and an article on seven things to consider if you are setting up your own loan.

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