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August 2012 – RBA & Property Investment Newsletter

RBA leaves cash rate unchanged in August

The Reserve Bank has left the official cash rate unchanged today at 3.5% following it’s monthly monetary policy meeting > Read more

How you can recognise an Investment Grade property

Our Buyers Agent team give you an insightful framework on how to select an Investment grade investment property because not all properties make great investments. Read more

Should you be looking at your home loan in isolation?

We take a look at the critical importance of ensuring you don’t view your home loan in isolation from the rest of your personal financial decisions. Read more

Prosperous Retirement – what income do you need?

Ben Kingsley offers valuable insight about a prosperous retirement being less about the level of income you have, and more about your surplus at the end of the month. Read more

The Impact of Time on your investments

Michael Pope highlights how comparing the impact of alternative investment strategies is not just about choice of assets as the timing of buying and selling also needs to be taken into account to determine the potential returns achievable. Read more

Why generalised commentary helps no-one!

Ben Kingsley tells you why general market commentary can be very misleading and highlights what you should be really looking out for to ensure you are one step ahead of the average investor. Read more

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