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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Empower Wealth provided us with the ability to plan our future with confidence. Their experience and comprehensive approach to planning our path to wealth has been very much appreciated and valued. Furthermore, accessing multiple services allowed for greater efficiency and communication between all parties. We were kept fully informed throughout the duration of the process and our opinion was always respected. We were able to place full confidence in their knowledge and expertise, knowing our future is in good hands.

- Penny

The Property Portfolio Plan Stu delivered to us was totally bespoke to our current situation and retirement goals. It’s a well defined road map that we can follow and keeps us accountable for every stage of the plan. It’s a good feeling and puts us at ease knowing what’s in front of us.

- Alvin

We found the process of creating a Property Portfolio Plan for our future in retirement both liberating and empowering. We found all of Empower Wealth staff to be personable and professional and were always made to feel welcome at their head office. We appreciate that Empower Wealth use conservative estimations to ensure realistic targets are achieved. All of the Empower Wealth professionals took time to discuss information and assisted in any clarification we asked for. We look forward to working with Empower Wealth now and we’ll into the future in the execution of our Property Portfolio Plan. We have and will continue to recommend Empower Wealth to friends and associates considering property investment or pension planning.

- Marcus

Working with Empower Wealth to develop my Property Portfolio Plan was both positive and realistic in terms of setting my expectations. Being in my mid-20s, I’m aware that anything that I do now will be compounded expediently over the long term.  Having listened to the podcast and taking action, it has re-affirmed to me the value of property. This is coming from someone who previously only invested in shares and bonds. I will definitely be adding property to my overall investment portfolio; however I will diversify myself through multiple asset classes. The team at Empower Wealth give you the vibe that they’re not out to get your money and acting in their own interest, the fees are transparent and fair, the people are professional and down to earth. I will be coming back to them once I’ve moved up a bit in my career and married with combined incomes. Excited for the future and looking forward to re-visiting Stu and the gang as a married couple down the track. Can’t wait to build up my property portfolio, I’m itching to get started!

- Dru

My husband and I were introduced to Empower Wealth via The Property Couch podcast. We were very impressed with their obvious knowledge, expertise and ease relaying valuable information to their listeners. The process and experience itself with Damien, Liz and the team was outstanding. You feel you can achieve your dreams and plans with an honest, hardworking ethic and income that doesn’t have to be too exorbitant. We are very grateful for this important financial stepping stone in our life together.

- Suzanne and Aaron (Melbourne, Australia)

Wonderful experience. Clear in strategy and plan with minimal investment properties to meet the desired outcome. Happy with the plan.

- Vijay

Empower Wealth provide a great service — they really take away a lot of the time, stress and worry out of acquiring an investment property. I think think you almost immediately make back their service fee by acquiring the asset at a fair market price.

- Samuel

For us, who are to be first time investors, we could not recommend the Empower Wealth team highly enough! We completed a Property Portfolio Plan with Brendan, who tailored everything to our current situation & our plans for the future. Having already purchased property, & in the process of building & planning for our future, the insights provided through the planning process & their Fact Find lead to the completed property plan, and was something that we certainly would not have been able to forecast & draw up on our own. For example: the implications of how each decision will impact our cash flows — like the big ticket items life has in store weddings, kids etc. The forward projection is truly unbelievable, providing us certainty that if we stick to our plan we are set up moving forward.

- Sean

Stuart’s professionalism and enthusiasm made the meetings more enjoyable. He explained the plan in fine detail and ensured that it met our expectations and goals. He also shared his experiences with us to give it a personal touch. We are keen to get our Property Portfolio Plan in action so that we can achieve our goals. Thank you Stuart!

- Keno

Outstanding service with Matt (Buyers Agent)! He was passionate about what he does, and was very helpful and had good communication throughout the entire process and afterwards. The house he chose for us was rented within a week and a half after settlement. Very pleased!

- Sam

I found dealing with Empower Wealth a positive experience. My advisor was very professional. I always found he put my interests first. I am very happy with the final investment decisions.


- Andrew

The Property Portfolio Plan and implementation process with Empower Wealth has been fantastic! My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed the lively discussions with Joel and he has done remarkably well to keep us on task. We now have a complete plan to retirement with the future looking bright! Thanks Empower Wealth!

- Ben

Once again Jake, Laura and the team at Empower Wealth have gone above and beyond to make what is a stressful process, seamless. Their availability and professional approach are outstanding and we have full confidence in their recommendations and negotiation skills. We now have a great property in a prime location and look forward to working with the team again in the not so distant future.

- Todd

A great team to have on your side for structuring the financing of your property portfolio. They are clearly very experienced and knowledgeable about what is needed for people who wish to build a property portfolio and simplify the process for you. They were always happy to answer any questions and easy to reach.

- Samuel

This is our second time with Paul and it is good to have an adviser who knows our individual circumstances and can talk us through the details.

- Carlo

I was very pleased and impressed with the process. I have already recommended this service to friends of mine.

- Ricky

During settlement, if anything goes wrong outside the control of the Empower Wealth Mortgage Brokering Team – you can count on people such as Dean, Jade and Jamille to ensure that every little detail is followed through and resolved quickly and professionally. They go the extra mile to ensure clients like me aren’t penalised for any mistakes made by the lending institutions during settlement period. I respect that!!!

- Rob (Sydney)

The whole experience was great to calm myself and put things into a achievable perspective. I came into it hoping for someone to take all the ideas in my head and formulate them into a plan, and the length of time it took to plan was a blessing in  disguise as it gave me time to digest and reflect on my goals and the path my partner and myself are willing to take. My goals post receiving the plan are far more aligned and achievable than the original mess prior to engaging Empower Wealth. Our plan, for us, is to be treated as a worst case scenario and it’s comforting to know the worst case scenario is outstanding. This plan has been built on a solid achievable foundation and not my ambitions, therefore we are now moving in a achievable direction.

- Nicholas

Of all the teams we have worked with from Empower Wealth, the Mortgage Broking team in particular were impressive in keeping us updated on their progress and what we needed to do to keep moving forward.

- Tiff

Brendan and his team have been very helpful and show their professionalism throughout the whole process. They make the whole thing go smoothly in a way that easy to understand as well.

- Piyada

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