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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

My wife and I have just completed a Property Portfolio Plan with Paul and we could not be happier. Paul was incredibly professional and tailored the plan to our personal needs. Now our plan is complete the support still continues with broking and buyers agent services to come. Great work Empower Wealth!

- David

I can’t speak too highly of John and his team, who made the process simple and efficient and talked me through every step of the way.

- James

The Property Portfolio Plan is so much more than its title suggests. It is a roadmap for anyone planning major life changes such a kids, career change or work /life balance decisions. We wish we had done it years earlier.

- Russel

My wife and I have been investing based on a basic understanding for about 10 years, however, we had little idea of what our current position/ trajectory was going to achieve in retirement and how that relates to our expectations of retirement. Joel Burton at Empower Wealth did a great job of interrogating our current position and teasing out our aspirations for retirement. He then mapped out our current trajectory and compared this to our goals. This identified a gap between where we would end up and where we wanted to be, so we then developed a very achievable property based plan to fill the gap. The process was very successful in managing our own expectations, giving us comfort that we’ve been on the right track and has allowed us dream a little about retirement.

- Dave

A very thorough experience. Damien was awesome and truly listened to our situation. He devised a long term plan that relates to our unique financial goals.

- Clinton

If you want to have THE experts by your side to help, go no further than Empower Wealth. Very professional and down to earth in their approach. My Property Portfolio Plan was incredibly detailed and they were very patient answering all of my questions. Cannot recommend them enough.

- Wendy

Rachel was amazing throughout the development of our Property Portfolio Plan. She took the time to understand our goals and circumstances and developed a catered plan for us. She was able to explain the financial results of several scenarios, which helped us to prioritise our goals. In addition, Rachel was very flexible with meeting times. I would not hesitate to recommend this service.

- Cam

I’ve always wanted to invest in property, but put it off because of the fear of making a serious mistake. I had made a commitment to getting into the market and was reading a few books, including Empower Wealth’s The Armchair Guide to Property Investing. After reading this, I decided to engage the team to develop a Property Portfolio Plan and see where it went. I was impressed with the depth of information, transparency and knowledge applied to the plan, and felt I had a trusted team I could work with. I subsequently engaged the mortgage broker and buyers agent teams and found a similar level of expertise that I could rely on. At all times I was engaged in the process, the team answered all my questions and helped me along the journey. In 6 months I went from picking up the book in April, to having the plan developed, finances arranged, property found, bought and settled in October. It was a great and informative journey that gave me confidence. I would recommend that if people aren’t sure about the process, don’t think about the price, but think about the value this team provide. The additional cost will be made up in no time with the increased value of an investment grade property or 2. I’m now saving for my second one and will be engaging with the team again to help with this purchase.

- Murray

Empower Wealth has enabled us to take control of our financial future and create the framework for us to live our dream life long into the distance.

- Harshan

Joel was fantastic to deal with for my Property Portfolio Plan. He was very professional, knowledgeable and open about the whole process, always making sure that things were explained fully about what we were looking to achieve and all the possibilities open to us.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joel and Empower Wealth to anyone that is looking to invest in their future. Thank you Joel and the team.

- Kris

We enjoyed our Property Plan Process. Both Joel and Alric were very professional, friendly and understanding. Thanks Empower Wealth.

- Alex

We love the staff and services. We’ve already recommended our friends and family.

- Chris

We have been extremely impressed with Empower Wealth and in the whole process so far. Rachel, in particular, has been excellent in all that she has done. Fundamentally for us is that Rachel and the team have instilled confidence in us as we begin to build our property investment portfolio. Have recommended Empower Wealth to friends and the podcast, The Property Couch has been outstanding in creating a base knowledge and education.

- David

Undertaking the Property Portfolio Plan provided a real in depth analysis of my current financial position, current expenditure and estimated future financial position if the advice in the plan is followed and executed. Both purchasing the right property and following the money management principles. Rachel was very helpful in explaining the process and answering queries along the way.

- Marc

I discovered Empower Wealth whilst listening to Bryce and Ben on The Property Couch podcast. After listening to every episode from start to finish I engaged their services to create my Property Portfolio Plan. Their friendly and professional team of qualified property investment advisers, investment savvy mortgage brokers and financial planners have been a joy to work with. They have given me the confidence and assurance I needed to kick start my property investment journey and I’m looking forward to purchasing my first investment grade property with the BA team.


- Kane

My partner and I first found out about Empower Wealth by listening to Ben & Bryce on ‘The Property Couch’. A few episodes in, we were impressed by their knowledge and expertise and decided to engage their services to find a suitable investment property for us to purchase. We could not be happier with the result! In only a few years, our investment property has increased in value considerably. Bryce was approachable and a consummate professional and most importantly, we felt like we contact him at any time throughout the investment property journey. We are thrilled with the outcome!

- Michael Hoskin and Turia Pitt

Absolutely great team. The strategy that Matt came up with was great. Ways to maximise our lending capacity, which bank to go through to both get the loan and then switch internally between products.

- Clayton

It went beyond expectations.

- Brenton

Manoeuvring the world of property and financial investment can be tricky in today’s fast paced environment and sometimes as investors, we feel the need to be up with the latest trends and what we feel we need to know in order to make informed decisions. This can be both challenging and overwhelming. With Empowered Wealth they have a wonderful team of experts who can help you decipher what you need to know based on your financial and property goals. This offers peace of mind and you know you are getting the information based on your needs, which, when making large and somewhat complicated decision, gives you peace of mind.

- Julianne

We walked into the office at Empower Wealth with no idea what we were doing. We were at the very early stages of thinking about purchasing a home and didn’t know if we were able to afford it yet. The advice and guidance provided by our broker, Matthew, was clearly explained and made us feel at ease. It was also a bit of a reality check and we were supported to stay within our means and not over extend ourselves. Matthew and his colleagues helped us to move through each step of the process. We always felt supported and knew we could touch base for advice at any point. Our friends recommended we use Empower Wealth’s services and we will now be recommending their services to other friends in the future. And now we’re in our new home! Very happy customers!

- David

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