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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Very professional and easy to deal with. Empower Wealth helps you understand your personal finances and put everything in perspective.

- Kellie

I was really happy with the Matthew Styles from Empower Wealth, he was incredibly helpful with getting my home loan. He had a great knowledge not only of a variety of mortgage products but also the best way to structure them. He was not just focused on this mortgage, but looked towards the future in terms of future investments, and how best to invest my money. I have already recommended him to friends.

- Takaya

Could not thank Christa and the team enough. The whole transaction was smooth and we were kept up to date at all times. First rate advice given when needed.

- Paul

It has been such an educative process for us as home owners. Sarah and the team were fantastic in understanding our refinance needs and provided us with a great range of products and information for us to choose. I couldn’t recommend Empower Wealth more to my friends and Colleagues.

- Matt

Linda and Laura where excellent! Linda took the lead with the property search and was great at leading us through the process. She was very patient, providing advice to our multiple questions, and a pleasure to deal with. Laura was a delight. Her handling of the administrative queries was extremely efficient, knowledgeable and would go out of her way to help at all times. We would not hesitate to recommend either of them.

- Andrew

Dean and Brendan were great to deal with. They set up our accounts with minimal fuss and were always available to provide advice when necessary.

- Andrew

Very thorough, very deep analysis, and yet carefully presented and very well explained. At no point did I feel intimidated or lost in jargon and data.

- Trent

We found Dean and his team are great to deal with. Very knowledgeable and kept us up to date with timely information. Always easy to get a hold of and flexible, which suited us and our working lives. Will use Dean again in the future.

- Natalie

Liz was endearing and has the time to spend explaining the product in an easy-to-understand manner. She is easy to talk to and I am amazed how she can multitask between a demanding job and home duties. Always available and will get back to you at the oddest times to suit you. She is a gem. Thanks for your efforts in getting me across the line with only the products that I needed.

- Ben

Paul and the team at Empower Wealth were very patient and understanding of our circumstances. Our plan was built on a realistic foundation and supported with rationale assumptions that we understood and felt were achievable.  We feel this investment plan will set a great blue print to build our property investment future on. Would definitely recommend the Empower Wealth team to anyone.

- Darren

We met with a number of companies before deciding to work with Empower Wealth for a Property Portfolio Plan. The level of detail in the plan has given us the confidence and the right mindset to become property investors. Without the process, we would have rushed into buying a property, which may not have been the right one for our specific situation. Although Empower Wealth’s model of service takes extra time, we feel that the initial planning stage has been essential to help us maintain our current lifestyle as well as work towards future retirement wealth goals. Thank you Damien for your assistance!

- Jane

A wonderful experience working with Paul and the team at Empower Wealth!!!

- Steve

We put total trust and faith in Empower Wealth. After meeting with two other companies, which were a lot close to us as we are Sydney based, we decided to go with Empower Wealth, located in Melbourne. The main reason for this was The Property Couch podcast. Hearing what Bryce and Ben had to say and knowing that they are in the business not for themselves but to help people make the right choices and attain financial freedom, we decided to go with Empower Wealth and what they stood for. We’ve never met anyone in person at Empower Wealth as everything was done online and through teleconference. After a lengthy process of financial planning and goal setting starting around March 2016, we made our first purchase in September 2017. Using their Financial Planners, Buyers Agents and Mortgage Brokers, we had to put a lot of faith in them and strongly believe that it was worth it. The whole process was no trouble and stress free and when we needed help these guys were always available for a chat or to give us advice. We purchased the property unseen and, again, put a lot of faith in Empower Wealth to provide us with the correct information to make the right choice on the purchase. If it weren’t for everyone at Empower Wealth, Michelle and I would still be procrastinating now. Thanks heaps to everyone at Empower Wealth for setting my family on the path to financial freedom.

- Caleb & Michelle

Dean and the Mortgage Broking team at Empower Wealth did a great job getting the right home loan and then getting it settled in 30 days. They kept us informed throughout the whole process and made it look easy. Thanks for an easy, smooth process.

- Clinton

The Mortgage Broking team made our lending experience easy by developing a tailored loan structure, product advice/selection and assistance in the application and settlement process. Don’t think I’ll be changing bank accounts anytime soon, but your assistance throughout the process made it easier.

- Alissa

Sarah’s warmth and professionalism was outstanding from our first meeting. She exceeded all expectations and was especially supportive in helping us find solutions to an unexpected setback. We would highly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to work with a personable, professional and efficient mortgage broker.

- Sanjay

Nicole is a wonderful Buyers Agent. She is intelligent, understanding and street smart. She has done a wonderful job for us!

- Danielle

So far the service has been good, we have worked with Paul from the Property Wealth Planning team and Dean from the Mortgage Broking team. We haven’t bought anything yet, but I feel so much more confident with our options knowing we now have a proper plan in place.

- Erika

We have already recommended 3 people to Empower Wealth and one is now a client. We are very happy with the complete range of investment services Empower Wealth provides. (We use all services). Simon and Christa are amazing !!!

- Sharon

After using Empower Wealth to arrange finance on my first property, I didn’t hesitate to use them again for another investment property.

- Richard

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