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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Empower Wealth has greatly helped us understand and plan our future portfolio, and are a one stop shop for all property and financial related matters.

- G.B

It has been a pleasure working with Liz and her team, having them tailor financial solutions and products according to my family needs and goals. Liz is very understanding and took the time to go through all my queries thoroughly. Thanks so much again for your professional advice and ongoing support.

- Glenda

Really great service that gives me a lot more confidence in making, what is to me, an extremely important but intimidating purchase.

- Jayden

Dean and his team have been fantastic. They have been helpful and friendly. We look forward to more interactions as we progress along the property journey to reach our financial goals.

- Dennis

Empower Wealth provides an excellent service with a comprehensive set of tools, which were able to map out a property portfolio plan based on our specific household cash flows. I love diving into detail for any investment planning I do, so being able to validate and correct our existing plans with the help from Empower Wealth was where I really felt I got the most value from the service. Working with Suzy and Brendan, we were able to play with dozens of different scenarios and tweak each property in the portfolio until we found something that met our goals. I am confident that we have the fundamentals in place going forward, and feel we are making the right next steps to build our wealth in the future.

- Nick

Joel was easy to deal with and I felt very comfortable as we progressed through the stages of developing my portfolio plan. Being based interstate, I had reservations around how effective the process would run; however, it went smoothly and I was very pleased with the result. My plan has been complete; but going forward, I am confident in knowing I have sound advice just a phone call away.


I truly must thank you for a wonderful and amazing service you have provided me. I will be enjoying the benefits from now on and my children will after I am gone. The focused approach by Joel, Jake and Elizabeth, and the support from the moment I walked into Empower Wealth for my property plan until the 14 months or so later implementing my plan, has exceeded any expectation. They are my winning circle and what a great team. Their professionalism and efficiency are what you need. It’s all about finding the right people and having a team around you. Two of my properties were brought interstate. I had such confidence in Jake after he found my first property; the interstate properties will also pay off with dividends. I am delighted with the investment quality, locations and my returns. Jake’s knowledge and genuine passion for the best outcome for me were proven time and time again. From the start of my plan to the moves I needed to make along the way, I received support at every turn. I’ve enjoyed the chats, laughs, friendship and advice from everyone the whole way. Thank you.

- Amelia

A wonderful organisation all round, which provides advice on all aspects of property investment, not ‘salesmanship’. They have your best interest at heart, which makes their team a wonderful addition to your network of supports when making such big decisions about your financial future.

- David

Rachael and I are just very grateful that we stumbled upon your services before we went too far down the property investment rabbit hole. Whilst we already had one property under our belt, we are not sure we could have realised or achieved a 10th of our potential in the hope for financial freedom, without the knowledge and support your organisation provides. Beyond just wealth creation; your organisation provides a service that is in tune to the needs and feelings of clients, which is just so important when people are entrusting you to support them in such an important area of life. Never once did we feel like were being sold something; rather we went though the process of designing a Portfolio Plan with Paul in what felt like a partnership at every stage. We now just look forward to the years to come as we continue to build this partnership and our hopeful, financial freedom. Thanks again.

- David

Christa already has a great personal testimonial from me, but I’ll give another one. As well as the engaging personality she has, the process was nice and smooth and she even kept contact with me on the weekend to make sure the deal was done. There were updates throughout the process and engaging a local law firm to do the conveyance was an asset, as rules are different in each State. In the end, she engaged a professional estate agent to do the management of the rental. It was Ben’s Webinar that showed Empower Wealth’s select areas to invest in, which was the clincher for me. It assured me these guys are not spruikers sitting on a couch talking property. I also had a chance to meet them in Sydney during a CPA Australia Master Class session. Real guys. By the way, The Property Couch is a great podcast! Regards, Ben

- Ben

The plan was well explained and detailed, and has given us a great tracking tool for our finances and to build our portfolio.

- F.T

We worked with Paul preparing our Property Portfolio Plan. It was great to see the effort put in to make sure the plan worked to suit our needs and financial position. I recommend this to anyone who is still unsure how to get started as an investor in the property market and has long term goals.

- Fernando

Empower Wealth looked after us throughout the entire process. They were well informed of potential issues, and flagged them early so things would sail smoothly later. We were in a unique situation with our lending but the EW crew made it work.

- Lawrence

We would like to say a big thank you to Matthew, Suri, Brendan and Joel on your outstanding service. All of you kept us informed throughout the process and were are excited to secure our first home in Melbourne. We were very impressed with the professionalism, but also found the staff to be personable.  We hope this is only the start; we look to use your service to secure investment properties in the future! We have already recommended Empower Wealth to our friends. Thanks again.

- A & L

Thanks to Ben and the team at Empower Wealth who managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat to create a small miracle for us. They saved us big time! Special mention to Matthew who truly went above and beyond throughout the entire process, making it a stress-free enjoyable ride (he has a back up career in writing as his emails are author quality)! Thanks everyone; let the adventure continue.

- Bonita

With Suzy’s help, I now feel empowered to take finance steps I didn’t think were in my reach. My Property Wealth Plan has given me confidence that I can be a financially independent women. Thank you Suzy and the whole team at empower wealth.

- Sophie

I love the teamwork that the guys have at the company. Once a division has done its bit, you are placed in someone else’s hands, so the whole process of buying is smooth to ensure the deal comes to completion with minimal fuss. For someone like myself & Simon who are busy and hard to get, I found this to be a real asset, especially to be able to contact Simon out of office hours to return calls or queries. A good team to have on your side. Regards, Ben

- Ben

Matt and the mortgage booking team always go above and beyond our expectations. Completely satisfied with their professionalism and outcomes. Thank you for your work and dedication to our goals.

- Tony & Emily

Very professional with a strategic approach.

- Melissa

Thanks for setting us up for success!

- Edwin

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