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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Thank you so much Brendan for being flexible with our meetings and answering all the numerous questions we had with regards to our first investment property. It was greatly appreciated.

- John-Paul, QLD September 2019

David was great in helping us set up our Property Portfolio Plan and really helped get us on the right track for a realistic goal in terms of our next property purchase and future property investments.

- Ben, WA September 2019

Overall great experience, I really valued being able to work with one team from property planning through to purchase.

- Lachlan, QLD September 2019

I had a fantastic experience with Jake and the team at Empower Wealth Buyers Agent. The communication was top notch at every stage of the process. Everything I needed to know was well explained and the property selection process went smoothly, even though I live interstate. As someone who is time poor, Jake and the team led me through each process including shortlisting, property selection, putting in a bid for the property, pest and building inspection and introduced me to a very competent conveyancer and a property manager. I have a quality long term tenant who signed on in just a week after settlement, who is paying a rent above my expectations. I am very satisfied. I highly recommend the Empower Wealth Buyers Agents as they have provided me with a top quality service.

- Andrew, TAS September 2019

Very professional company. It was great to work with Paul we got great value from each meeting and the wealth of Knowledge Paul was sharing with us, as well as thoroughly going through our plan and answering any questions we had we put forward to Paul.

- Robert, WA September 2019

Our experience with a Buyers Agent was fantastic. We learnt a lot and had a wonderful outcome in the end, which is exactly what we were after. We would definitely recommend using Empower Wealth Buyers Agents to others and have even already started! Thanks again Jake and Team.

- Millie & Aaron, NT September 2019

Stuart was great — very knowledgeable and thorough in going through plan inputs and different scenarios. The most useful part of the process was being held accountable with going through the whole end-to-end planning process and inputting accurate numbers — I’ve played around with doing something similar myself as I know I can technically build this type of model, but I always get derailed by work/kids/other things. Good to actually see the process through to an outcome, and it was reassuring to know we are actually tracking ok, and will be able to afford to hit some of our main goals in a reasonably short time frame.

- Anna, NSW September 2019

My experience with Empower Wealth was amazing. Over a few short sessions my life is now planned out year by year; I no longer have any concerns about the future, and can live my life carefree through to retirement. I try so hard to explain to friends the process we have been through but I just can not do it justice. I have already posted my Make Money Simple Again book to a friend to read, I love the podcasts and send episodes to friends who are auction hunting etc. it has literally transformed my life. I tell anyone who will listen! Stuart and Elvin have taught us so much and we are extremely grateful for this experience.

- Keren, NSW September 2019

Bryce and I came to Empower Wealth to get some guidance, direction and advice in planning for our future. We are a couple with 3, soon to be 4, young children in jobs that are considered to be high risk so it was important for us to feel like we were doing something to help guide us in a good outcome for our family and financial future. We are so glad that we came across Empower Wealth, through their help and guidance we are geared up to purchase our first investment property and feel completely confident in what we are doing. Also, the Money SMARTS System has streamlined our finances and provided a quick money management system that saves time and huge amounts of stress.

- Melissa, QLD September 2019

We feel like we had so much time with David as he ensured we were comfortable with the different scenarios and fully understood each of them. He encouraged us to view at our finances differently. He explained the plan carefully and in a way that was interesting and easy to comprehend. Thanks David.

- May, VIC September 2019

In a few words we are immensely grateful to and blown away by Empower Wealth. The best investment we have made thus far. Being on one modest income (less than $100k) in Tasmania I thought investing, especially retiring on $2k a week, would be out of reach for us. David has put together a plan which will see us achieve this goal (as long as we stick to it of course!). It has honestly changed our lives & not only that — the knowledge we have gained will be passed onto our kids & change generations to come. We couldn’t be more grateful!

- Renae, TAS September 2019

I am very grateful for the advice I have received from Paul and the work he has put in to achieve my Property Portfolio Plan. I came to Empower Wealth because I wanted to grow my investment property portfolio and also needed advice on a poorly performing property. I now have a clear vision of the future and have been given great advice about my poorly performing property.

- Hayley, VIC September 2019

I have already recommended a friend.

- Linda, VIC September 2019

We were both very pleased with the Property Portfolio Plan that was prepared for us by Joel. We have a received a solid road map that will help us strategically plan our investment and wealth creation journey. No other business seemed to offer a tailored solution, other businesses focused on completion of their course, implement their strategy etc. As a couple, we feel that we are now on the same page in relation to how we will achieve our financial goals. Having such a plan provides us with the confidence and certainty that we can achieve our goals. We both feel that the cost and time spent working on this plan was time and money very well spent. We have no hesitation in recommending Joel and Empower Wealth for their Property Portfolio Plan service, and we are planning to engage Empower Wealth for other services in the future.

- Edel and Jeff, VIC September 2019

Very satisfied with the experience with Empower Wealth. On the whole the team is highly professional. The positive attitude and a very practical and realistic assessment of my current situation helped set the goals. The plan has made everything very clear and simple to tackle and manage going forward. I am confident I will achieve the plan. One of the things I like best about working with the EW team is the ongoing assessment and support offered throughout the journey. I would strongly recommend to consult EW on the property investment journey.

- Vineet, VIC September 2019

Working with David provided a very clear and detailed insight on our future financial position with great prospects of where we can tweak this for a better outcome.

- Ryan, VIC September 2019

The hardest thing, from my perspective, when seeking out financial advise is finding a company/people that you can trust. Empower Wealth seem like a very open, honest and customer focused (ie fee for service) company.

- Matt, VIC September 2019

Empower Wealth is great organisation helping people to realise what financial goals can be achieved and how to do it!! Saving money and the journey towards the goals can be simplified by the ideas and tools provided by Empower Wealth, which will lead to peace of mind by knowing what you are doing by putting detailed plans in place.

- Dilin, VIC September 2019

I thoroughly recommend engaging Empower Wealth Buyers Agency to find what you need. They are a very professional firm with an amazing team of people who are excellent at what they do. We had a wonderful experience with the whole end to end process. If we have any questions in any aspect, they are there to help us. There were some ups and downs as is the nature of property but nothing too great that they can’t be resolved. When we have doubts about a property, Empower Wealth were only too happy to spend time with us and talk to us about our worries and try to understand what we want. We really appreciate them trying to understand our needs and then meeting them successfully with an amazing property. We highly recommend Bryan Tuck for his willingness to look out for our interest and trying to source a property that fits our bill. We had many phone calls with him just because we weren’t knowledgeable about Melbourne and he was only too happy to assist. He’s always on top of all things and made sure that there’s great communication and the lawyer, mortgage broker and the property manager were all on the same page. I’ll be happy to back my words by saying that they are our preferred buyers agent for our next property. Thank you Empower Wealth!

- William, NSW September 2019

We were very impressed with the level of detail, thought and planning that went into our Property Portfolio Plan. It is so great to have a “road map” to enable us to visualise our path to achieving financial freedom. In combination with Money Smarts, it will help us stay accountable and focused as we can track our progress against the plan and due to the dynamic nature and conservative assumptions, we can easily adapt to suit any life curve balls. Damien was fantastic to deal with and took all of our considerations into account, even though we are rurally based and the entire process was conducted online. I can’t recommend the Empower Wealth team highly enough.

- Emily, VIC September 2019

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