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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Working with Christa made the entire buying process a breeze. It has allowed me to buy into a ‘borderless’ market in the midst of a pandemic restricting travel and my ability to view a property in person.

- Jake, VIC

My husband and I are at the early stages of our plan but can see this was a great choice for us. Brad and the team are always very helpful. We can’t wait to see where this will take us in the future and wish we had of started earlier.

- Andrew, NT

I’m very impressed with the plan I was given by David and the team at Empower Wealth. When the time comes to purchase my first property, I will definitely be using their Mortgage Broker services too!

- Joshua, QLD

The process was very easy and the regular meetings helped us stay on track and not delay. The combination of the podcast property couch, Money SMARTS tools and the professional advice gave us everything we needed to move forward and confidence in the expected outcomes. We would recommend anyone with thoughts about getting their financial house in order contact Empower wealth!

- Christian and Jo, QLD

The team are very friendly and onboard you in a way that makes you really think that this is my team and we’ve been working together for ages.

- Medhat, VIC

After meeting with multiple financial advisors and working through different plans we quickly decided that Empower Wealth was for us. David has been amazing and has happily worked with us to very carefully hash out our current position and the best plan for our risk tolerance with little to no negative impact on our current lifestyle, something that felt very rushed with other advisors. Every meeting we’ve had has been professional, productive and insightful, while also feeling like catching up with an old friend. We have been extremely happy with David and Empower Wealth and have already recommended them to other family members and friends. We look forward to continuing on this journey with EW. Thanks.

- Amy and Dan, VIC

I was thoroughly impressed by the whole experience, from initial consultation to final implementation.  Any questions I had were explained in a way that I could understand. I would highly recommend the team at Empower Wealth.

- Mal, VIC

Matt did a great job to help us to find and organise a suitable lending option within a very short timeframe to enable us to secure our investment property. His communication was spotless and gave us the reassurance that lending was in good hands given the time pressure.

- Nadia, NSW

Syden at Empower Wealth has been extremely helpful and patient with me and my investments.

- Rowan, VIC

Listening to the podcast gave us a great introduction to Empower Wealth and gave us the confidence to contact them to get a property plan. We had a basic plan in mind with our investments, but having Joel look at it all without any emotion, but lots of experience and knowledge, we now have a very professional plan. With Joel and the computer modeling program, we feel very secure that we can achieve our desired outcome within the time frame we have chosen. We are years ahead with Joel’s insightful and absolutely professional guidance, and equally as importantly, now have comfort that we are on the right track. So glad we went down this track , well worth it, definitely money well spent! Thanks again Joel.

- Clare and Wally, VIC

The service I received from our BA Nicole was over and above my expectations. She is so knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate and caring about her work and me as a client, not only during the search and purchase phase, but well after settlement, making sure that everything is going to plan with the property purchased. I have no doubt that because of Nicole’s great work, not only did I secure a great investment grade property in the midst of difficult market, but I am sure the property was secured for at least $50,000 less than it would have been without her involvement. I would highly recommend using an Empower BA. Thanks so much!

- Alan, VIC

Finally a company that has the customers best interest in mind. There’s no pressure to pursue property purchases as they simply do not own the property you are buying. Easy to communicate with whilst having a professional and honest approach. Look forward to working with the team throughout our portfolio journey.

- Mark, VIC

Much better experience than previous broking experience with a different company. Glad I’ve made the switch the Empower Wealth.

- Mitchell, VIC

Professional and personable experience. We highly recommend getting in touch and starting the journey sooner rather than later.

- Bri and Nick, NSW

Nicole was thoughtful and gave us space, time and consideration for recommendations (no pressure approach). We feel her advise was honest and considerate of drivers desired. Would recommend Empower Wealth and Nicole every day of the week.

- Mohammad, NSW

The team at Empower is professional, patient and knowledgeable! Made it so easy to develop a plan that will meet our personal goals and they helped my partner feel a LOT more comfortable with investing!

- Chris, VIC

As it was my first investment purchase, came into the process feeling quite nervous and anxious. I think having just completed our financial plan with Empower Wealth help to get things moving fast from the start. Got a good understanding of the process from the start with the engagement and then we worked with Christa who became our buyers agent. Christa was an absolute superstar and made sure we understood what was happening and kept us calm and rational during some of the more stressful parts of the negotiation and settlement. Most importantly, she was very straight forward which helped to ensure the facts were clear. Overall a positive experience and looking forward to the continued execution of our plan

- Ross and Thomas, NSW

Luke Oxenham is an absolute gem. Luke clearly mapped out a plan to restructure our loans, so we are successful for our next purchase. Our situation is quite complex with multiple parties involved in our portfolio, but this was no challenge for Luke to get through this. Then add the challenging situation of COVID-19 and the additional documentation requirements and longer response times from the banks
Through all these challenges Luke has remained proactive, transparent, enthusiastic and responds quickly (and doing all this while in lockdown in Melbourne!). I would recommend him to anyone looking to better their situation and to be included as part of their financial team. I have already recommended Luke to a colleague (they are currently working together) and I will be encouraging anyone else in my network to do so also. Thanks Luke! I can see a long future working together

Katie Bessell-Truscott works part of Luke’s team and simply put, is professional and very nice to deal with. One particular bank was very challenging, changing the goal post for requesting verification of documentation daily. I must admit I got a little frustrated at the situation, but Katie remained calm and sorted through the requirements constantly following up to achieve our end goal. She is proactive to follow up with the banks to resolve any issues promptly. She can easily explain the situation, so it makes perfect sense to me. Thank you, Katie, for all your help and look forward to further dealings with you.

- David, NSW

We had an excellent experience with Nicole at Empower Wealth while purchasing our next investment property. She was really engaging in her approach and listened well to our needs and concerns. She was very patient with us and kept us very well informed along the way. With her guidance, we had the absolute confidence that everything was in control from start to finish. And we are very happy with the end result.

- Nadia, NSW

We used the broking team after using the financial planning team. This made the process very simple and Simon and his team were very informative for what could have been a confusing process.

- Adam, VIC

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