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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Good financial service with easy to understand outcomes for retirement. Best to start early in life with this plan due to the nature of compounding. Happy to recommend to friends and family this service.

- Richard De Cent, QLD

Can not fault the team at Empower Wealth. They made purchasing a house in a different state much easier than you would ever think it could be. Their communication was amazing and each step was a smooth process.
Awesome work guys, highly recommend to anyone wanting to invest in real estate

- Ben Schnebele, NSW

My husband and I absolutely loved working with Joel. He went above and beyond to help us with our investment plan. He showed that he really cared about us and our future. Thankyou Joel

- Andrea Collier, VIC

Dean and his team went beyond what’s normally expected even after our circumstances changed and a few of the houses fell through.

- Steve McIlwaine, NSW

It has been a great experience working with Matt, our Buyer’s Agent. He’s very knowledgeable, professional, approachable and a good listener. He knew which property to find and what was right for us based on our budget and goals. He and his team kept us informed and updated during the entire process. They patiently answered our questions and certainly made the entire buying experience easy and stress free for us and for that we’re extremely grateful.

- George Pascual, NSW

I have been listing to the podcast for about a year and a half now and when we were ready to buy a investment property we reached out to Empower wealth buyers advocacy team, after which were connected with Nicole. From the beginning Nicole was simply fantastic, she listened to our requirements and found a property which exactly met our needs. As this was our first interstate purchase, we didn’t have much knowledge of the suburbs, but Nichole took us through a lot of details gave us a good understanding of our options. She guided us from buying the property to settlement and getting the house tenanted. It was a very pleasant experience and we would highly recommend empower wealth buyer’s advocacy team specially Nicole Slade.

- Nils Vithanage, VIC

I found the whole experience really great thanks to the excellent team of people at Empower Wealth who guided, communicated and assisted me every step of the way. I would definitely recommend the service to others.

- Kylie Lloyd, VIC

We came to Empower knowing nothing of investing. Having funds in a SMSF and Interest rates being low we needed to invest in something to make our money wok for us. Liz guided us through different options, setup a dedicated trading Account, reviewed an existing Insurance Policy and and organised a new Insurance Policy also. Thanks Liz and Hong for your help and support, very much appreciated.

- Drew Logie, NSW

Very thorough process which really drilled down into the details of our current financial state and habits. This attention to detail gave us great confidence that the plan was built out of our actual circumstances and was realistic for us. Our property wealth planning advisor Paul, helped answer all of our questions, and ensured we understood everything along the way. He even made suggestions that we hadn’t considered originally and ensured we were happy with the outcomes (ensuring to include all of our potential life events). Paul was able to be flexible with appointments, working around our schedule and having our meetings late in the afternoon to night was really appreciated! This process has enabled us to feel confident in our plan and realise what we are aiming towards is achievable!

- Sam Dunstan & Alison Law, QLD

Alana and the team were brilliant from start to finish. I did everything remotely through lockdown and they were able to work with my somewhat complicated situation. I will definitely be using them again in the future.

- Lauren Finlay, NSW

I was very happy with the service. Can’t think of anything specific to change. A general comment is that it takes a lot of trust to proceed, especially in an unfamiliar market, and even with quite a bit of independent research. (I am sure this is no surprise to you). The data that was presented to us gave us confidence that the property was a good deal, even though it was the first one offered.

Maybe slightly more clarity around the timing of payments could be helpful. I am sure there is something in the documentation or pre purchase process about this, but due to the long lead time I probably forgot. Obviously payment for your service is highly important, and the timing of these payments is largely irrelevant since it is budget for, and I don’t think this timing should change. However, when the requests for payment came through I was slightly confused/ nervous since the purchase process hadn’t been completed. It all worked out in the end because Bryan and Jessica continued to provide us with excellent service until settlement.

- Joel Smith, BEIJING

For those serious about long term property investment, understanding that it is part art and part science, but lacking the time, passion or skills to do it on their own, Empower Wealth provides a great value for money approach to determining what you can afford, how and where best to target growth, selecting well researched assets and making the purchase. You one stop shop for skilled advice with the team to back it up. Can’t recommend them more

- Claude Prinsloo, QLD

The buyer’s agents at Empower Wealth (specifically Jake) give you access to years of experience in buying real estate in high growth areas. Navigating multiple auctions, getting access to properties before they get onto the market and expert negotiation are all a part of the service. We look forward to buying our next property with the Empower Wealth buyers advocates.

- Samuel Philp, VIC

The Mortgage broking service provided by Empower wealth is exceptional, everything was clearly explained in layman’s terms without any details being missed. The team is professional, friendly and courteous and ensure that everything is ran smoothly. We could not recommend the team highly enough!

- Samuel Philp, VIC

I was very excited to work with the team at Empower Wealth after being a listener and follower of The Property Couch Podcast. Thomas and the team far exceeded my expectations with their mortgage brokering expertise and got me a great result even working through roadblocks. Most importantly, they took the time to understand my goals and my current situation. Throughout the process communication was great, and was engaged throughout the whole process. Thank you Thomas and the team at Empower Wealth!

- Arne Ancheta, QLD

We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated working with Bryan and the team at Empower Wealth. Bryan understood our risk profile and took the time to explain the reasons for the asset selections that were presented to us. I always felt that Bryan had our best interests at heart. His expertise helped us secure the property that met the portfolio brief and we’re looking forward to working with the Empower Wealth Buyers Agency team for the next purchase to take the stress out of the whole process.

- Brett Jones, VIC

After missing out on 2 prior investment properties a friend who has used empower wealth to buy 2 investment properties recommended their services to us. After engaging empower wealth ourselves we were introduced to our buyers agent Bryan Tuck. Literally 10 days later we owned an investment property in Brisbane. Investment grade stock with lots of owner occupier appeal. Due to the relationship Bryan had with the selling agent we were able to secure the property 5k cheaper than another offer plus have the place tenanted from settlement. I’m not sure how anyone can buy a property in this market without a buyers agent without paying massive overs. This was our first investment property and initially were a bit nervous. Bryan and the team literally organized everything for us to make the process a breeze. I would also like to thank Bede from the mortgage brokers team for his help throughout allowing us to structure our lending in the right manner to minimize cross colateralisation and set us up for the purchase of a second investment in the near future. Many thanks. Regards, Michael and Rachel


My wife and I are extremely grateful to Thomas and the entire mortgage broking team. Finance structures, loan documents, banking paperwork can all be daunting and confusing but that is all taken care of with Empower Wealth. The communication was excellent and we really appreciated their patience in explaining what was required and why. We always felt that the team had our interests at heart and they always had our back during the investment process. We are looking forward to continuing the journey according to our portfolio plan with the ultimate goal of achieving financial freedom. We know that we have the right team supporting us to achieve this goal and recommend their services.

- Brett Jones, VIC

I have been a listener (of The Property Couch podcast) and a reader of Ben and Bryce’s books for 3 years now. That is just a few months short of my overall stay in Australia so far. I am a migrant who moved to this great country to seek a better future for my family. The Empower Wealth narrative recommends a path to wealth building through real estate investing, coupled with simple money management techniques. What’s more is that it requires as low as 10 hours a year to look after the portfolio! As amazing and unbelievable it sounds, I can clearly see how that is totally possible.
Following the Empower Wealth story, I have become certain that the best way for me to be a contributing part of the economy is by being an investor in the country’s real estate. And the podcast and other resources from Empower Wealth constantly guide me in realising this goal.
If you’re considering or debating with yourself whether real estate investing is the best path forward for you, listen to the first 20 episodes of The Property Couch podcast (as Bryce reminds us in every new episode). If that doesn’t drive you to choose real estate investing as the pathway to build your wealth, almost nothing else will! So, subscribe now!

- Ash Kulkarni, NSW

Bede and David provided great advice, detail and excellent customer service. David was very good at providing consistent communications during the process and very attentive to detail. Provided us with good reassurance.

- Matt Vagg, VIC

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