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Ben Kingsley Blog post by Ben Kingsley

Sky News Real Estate, April 2018 – Capital Gains Tax, Land Size in Units & Heritage Homes as Investments

Ben Kingsley, Founder of Empower Wealth, joins the Sky News Real Estate Market Panel with CEO of GlobalX Peter Maloney to discuss everything from superannuation to buying heritage homes!

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“I moved out of my principal place of residence, which I’ve been in for six years when my relationship broke down, and then rented it back to my ex-partner for two years. She now wants to move out so I’m thinking about selling it. Will I have to pay Capital Gains Tax?”

“Does land size matter when investing in units from a capital growth point of view? The benefit of houses on big blocks of land is that it can be used for multiple purposes for home buyers and developers. However, you really do anything significant with units, so does land size matter?

“I am interested in buying a heritage listed character home as an investment property in Paddington (Sydney)? Do you think that’s a risky move? I think I’ll still get plenty of capital growth.”


Watch the video for more. If you have a property investment question for Ben, please leave it in the comment section below:

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