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Why Now is NOT The Time to Sell Your Property

We've been catching wind of investors offloading their properties lately. With the surge in interest rates, it's entirely understandable. However, are there alternative avenues for you? Watch this short video to discover the happenings during past crises and why holding on to your property might be a wise move to steer clear of potential f...

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Meet Jane Li

Jane is one of our amazing Financial Planners here at Empower Wealth! She holds a Master of Commerce in Banking and Finance (Watch the video to hear the awesome story behind this!) and is a qualified FPA Certified Financial Planner and an FPA Aged Care Specialist. Transcript How did you get started in the financial planning industry? ...

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The Art of Investing in Volatile Markets

With the turbulent state of today’s markets, it’s no surprise that there’s been a lot of noise around the future of Australia's market and what it means for investors. With many conflicting trends and numbers, and a lack of clarity around the origins of Australia's inflation, it’s hard to know what remedy is needed from the Reserve Bank...

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Goldilocks days are over: VanEck’s Q4 Summary

Please Note: This report was created and provided by VanEck. The halcyon days of Goldilocks are well and truly over for markets and they now resemble an aimless vagabond. Investors are deep in the inflation era. The question is, how deep? Are we up to our knees, our waist or our necks? And is the depth subsiding? Central banks around the wor...

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How To Protect Your Personal Data

An Empower Wealth Data Security Update There are more resources, tools, and devices connected to the Internet than ever before. While there are great benefits to accessing digital information quickly and easily via the internet, this also means an increased risk of unauthorised access to personal data. At Empower Wealth, we take data securit...

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Meet Trixly Andrada

Trixly is one of our fantastic Paraplanners here at Empower Wealth! He is a Certified Financial Planner and holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting and a Diploma in Financial Planning. Transcript How did you get started in the financial planning industry? Hi, my name is Trixley Andrada and I'm a Paraplanner for Empo...

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Why Should You Use a Buyers Agent?

Why use a Buyers Agent? What is a Buyers Agent Fee? Is a Buyers Agent Fee worth the money? How do Buyers Agents get paid? Is it really necessary? Find out the answer to all of these questions and more as Bryce Holdaway answers the pressing question in his latest How to Video, Why Should You Use a Buyers Agent? Hi folks, today I want to consider Why...

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