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Financial planning articles & tips

Financial planning can seem like such a broad term and quite often, people don’t know what financial planning involves or how having a financial planner can benefit them. We have a range of articles and How To Sessions covering a multitude of different topics to help you understand the areas in which a financial planner can help you, such as through investing, superannuation, insurance and estate planning.

How Much Money is Enough?

If you stopped work today, how much money would you have to live off before it all ran out? If you stopped work today, how much income would your investments generate?  Would it be enough to live off?  Would you eventually have to sell down on your investments to ensure you had enough money to live off? How much is enough? If you have read s...

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Why Property Over Salary Sacrifice

Most of you who have been following my monthly commentary and newsletters  over the years understand I have a bias towards investing in residential property, because I have been successful at building a multi-million dollar property portfolio over the past 16 years of investing, yet my compulsory superannuation has grown to only a few hundred thou...

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