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How To Protect Your Personal Data

An Empower Wealth Data Security Update

There are more resources, tools, and devices connected to the Internet than ever before. While there are great benefits to accessing digital information quickly and easily via the internet, this also means an increased risk of unauthorised access to personal data.

At Empower Wealth, we take data security seriously and implement a range of precautions to ensure the security of personal information. These precautions include:

  • The use of two-factor authentication to underpin our data security strategy
  • Restricted systems access
  • Reliable access control mechanism implemented following OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) principles
  • Logical security (authorization, authentication, encryption and passwords)
  • Physical security (restricted access and locks on server, storage and networking)
  • Audits of our applications, systems and networks
  • Strong document storage security policies
  • Access control for our premises
  • Confidentiality requirements for our employees

From an individual perspective, there are also precautions that you can take when managing your personal data.  Here is a reminder of the fundamental steps that we should all take to minimise the risk of our personal data getting into the wrong hands:

  • Use two-factor authentication on your devices, especially when making payments and never share security confirmation codes with others
  • Set strong, secure passwords and change them regularly. If you can, enable biometric logins on your devices for extra protection
  • Regularly update anti-virus software and never download content or click on links from sources you don’t trust
  • Secure your Wi-Fi network and avoid using public Wi-Fi networks
  • Do not open suspicious emails and definitely do not use the links or attachments they may contain
  • Always delete digital wallet information and banking apps from an old mobile device before you discard it
  • Contact third parties to confirm banking details prior to making payments

Now and into the future, Empower Wealth will continue to look for new ways to improve our data security protocols and will keep you posted regarding future refinements to our identity and/or data verification procedures.

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