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Meet Trixly Andrada

Trixly is one of our fantastic Paraplanners here at Empower Wealth! He is a Certified Financial Planner and holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting and a Diploma in Financial Planning.


How did you get started in the financial planning industry?

Hi, my name is Trixley Andrada and I’m a Paraplanner for Empower Wealth.

I’m a bit of a history buff and because of that, I travelled a lot too in my twenties and thirties.

Not anymore – but in my twenties and thirties, I really travelled a lot to historical places, especially in Europe and Asia as well. And I also like to watch sporting events. That’s why I went to America to watch basketball, NFL, baseball, and ice hockey. So when I first started, I was, straight out of uni. I was a junior Paraplanner for state trustees, in maybe 2002, 2003. And then within that company, I went sideways from accounting to financial planning. So I was a junior Paraplanner there. So that’s how I entered the financial planning industry

What role do you play in the whole process?

So in the financial planning process, the Paraplanner rarely sees the client. We’re more on the back end. So the role of a Paraplanner mainly is to write the SOAs – the statement of advice – that statement of advice that the client sees on the table with (their financial) planner, the Paraplanner writes.

So our main role is to write the statement of advice and do some number crunching behind the scenes. In fact, that’s probably the best part of being a r – it’s doing financial modelling on X plans. Paraplanner

You crunch the numbers a lot and coming from an accounting background, I really enjoy that.

What’s one of your most memorable moments at Empower Wealth?

A client came in, her sister was still living with her. She was single, she was maybe 65, 66 at the time and her sister was living with her. So she was funding her retirement too, and she just wanted a comfortable retirement. So we recommended a social security-friendly annuity. And at that time, the annuity interest rate was 7.5. Now they’re like 1.2. And because of that, she received an age pension as well. So she had two income streams. We were able to meet her living expenses so she can be comfortable in retirement. So just seeing her face once we implemented it and seeing her bank account have two income sources so she can meet her living expenses and her (sister’s) living expenses too. Yeah.

That was very satisfying to know that you can help someone meet their goals.

How is Empower Wealth different to others?

The best thing about Empower Wealth is we’re not owned by a large financial institution.

The advisors will always put the client’s best interest first. Like we don’t have any conflicts of interest. We don’t have to recommend an investment that the financial institution owns.

Our approved product list is quite wide so we can recommend investment products that really suit the client’s needs. And our recommended strategies will always be in the best interest of the clients.

You can learn more about Trixly Andrada here. Or if you’d like to book an initial consultation with our Financial Planners, simply fill in the form below and we’ll email you the next steps.

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