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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Sarah and her team at Empower Wealth were fantastic to work with. They provided a prompt proposal which was in line with our financial requirements. With each email they provided an visual outline of where we were at in the process, which made the process easy to follow. They followed up with us right until the very end. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

- Renae, TAS

After working with Empower Wealth’s property investment team earlier in the year, we knew we were in safe hands as we moved to work with the BA Team. However, we still had nerves about making the first step in purchasing our first property, but they quickly disappeared as we worked with Matt and his team. The communication throughout the whole process was excellent. Matt has invaluable knowledge of the property market, close working relationships with local real estate agencies and went above and beyond to ensure we were well informed and happy with the end result. Would absolutely use BA service in the future and recommend to others.

- Bodin & Leah, VIC

Liz and Samantha were both friendly, patient and professional, even though some of the terms required to be used were very technical they were able to explain to me so I could easily understand. Thanks heaps for your helps guys.

- David, NSW

The team at Empower Wealth and specifically the services of Christa are to be commended greatly. The professional, prompt and comprehensive guidance through the buying process was much appreciated.

- Christopher, VIC

Thanks Nicole for a great process and outcome. Your attention to our needs was superb. We felt totally engaged and part of the process from the outset. Thanks very much.

- Michael & Elise, Saudi Arabia

We were very pleased with the range of services provided by Empower Wealth. Our investment Plan was developed through COVID 19 restrictions and all of our discussions were online. Paul and Matthew were always flexible and provided a high degree of professionalism in a challenging context.

- Lyn, VIC

David was fantastic to work with, I’m very grateful for the information he has given me.

- Katrina, QLD

Very professional service offered by Stuart and would recommend his services to others.

- Gareth, NSW

Bede is the most informed broker I have had the experience of working with. He was extremely calm and supportive during a very tumultuous time when in the midst of COVID financial institutions were changing rates and policies daily! He was very responsive, I always felt supported and that he always had my best interests at heart. I’d highly recommend Bede to anyone needing a mortgage broker.

- Dena, NSW

Stuart is such a skilled communicator and very professional! Not only is he personable, he was always ready to talk through any challenges I had with my property plan to make sure it suited my lifestyle investment goals. I would highly recommend Stuart Bartram to anyone considering a property investment plan, I was extremely happy with the results.

- Dena, NSW

We were very pleased with the range of services provided by Empower Wealth. Our investment Plan was developed through COVID-19 restrictions and all of our discussions were online. Paul and Matthew were always flexible and provided a high degree of professionalism in a challenging context.

- Lyn, VIC

I now call Matt our “Covid19 buyers agent/counsellor”! He went above and beyond to assist us to purchase a property in a time of great uncertainty and change. Matt respected our decision to pull back when the time was not right for us and then followed up at a later date with an excellent opportunity which was perfect for us and our situation at the time. He understands that each person in a partnership (in this case myself and my husband) have different personalities and therefore needed individualised information and support in order to “make the jump” so to speak. We are extremely happy with the outcome of our second property purchase, thank you Matt!

- Jane, NSW

David was fantastic to work with, I’m very grateful for the information he has given me.

- Katrina, QLD

From the very first time we engaged Empower Wealth Stuart has been great to work with. Plan was built on very realistic assumptions and year by year cashflow projection was very detail so you know all aspects were taken in to consideration. Stuart was happy to answer all the questions we had through out the consultation period. I would highly recommend Empower Wealth to anybody who is after unbiased professional property advice.

- Vik, NSW

Stuart and Empower Wealth have provided us with a roadmap for financial security. The Money SMARTS system turned our financial decline around and allowed us to track our money and to allocate and distribute it in a far more efficient manner. The Property Portfolio Plan has given us an achievable plan to build wealth and independence for our future. We now have peace of mind going forward.  Stuart considered our individual situation and tailored a plan which took into account our current and future needs. He was realistic and informative. We are very happy with the outcome and very impressed with the service we were provided.

- Belinda & Paul, NSW

The amazing volume of knowledge provided by the Empower Wealth team will change not only my future but all those around me who can learn from improved decision making at critical junctures in their lives. Thank you for improving my financial literacy and and empowering me to improve my wellbeing and those around me. The ongoing free advice on The Property Couch is full of ‘gold’. May those on the journey pay it forward as you have done. THANK YOU

- Liz, VIC

We were apprehensive at first, but Bryan and the team at Empower made the whole process really easy and straight forward. We secured a property at fair market value and we’re happy with the outcome.

- Howard

Simon and his team were awesome! They took all the stress and worry out of everything. Couldn’t have asked for a smoother process.

- Owen, NSW

Nicole was the fourth buyers agent I have engaged over the last 10 years and definitely the best!
After reviewing my brief to purchase in Melbourne, Nicole was able to source properties that met my criteria while exhibiting in depth knowledge of the different type of properties in each of the locations that we considered and eventually shortlisted.  I especially love the way Nicole approaches her craft including the way she presents properties under consideration in an email format that is clear, concise and very informative. I would then converse with her over the pros and cons of each property in a process of elimination before arriving at my preferred property.
Prior to auction we also discussed the price we expected the property to sell for and the maximum price we agreed to pay without any regrets. I then used Nicole’s auction skills and she was able to purchase my property $1 above the next highest bidder which was much appreciated. I was also impressed with the set up post auction and in the lead up to settlement. Nicole and Mitch ensured that there was a clear line of communication between my mortgage broker, conveyancer and Empower Wealth so that important aspects ranging from the deposit, building insurance, lending and conveyancing was never overlooked.
Finally Nicole was able to recommend a great property management team that conducted the pre-settlement inspection with a checklist to ensure things were in order prior to settlement as well as vetting a list of potential tenants and providing me with feedback on them.
I highly recommend Nicole as she is not only a great buyers agent but has a warm and friendly personality which made me very relaxed when conversing with her. I intend to use Empower Wealth for my next purchase and I will insist on having Nicole source my next investment property.

- Kevin, NSW

Excellent advice around cash flow and tax benefit from property minded professionals. Very difficult to find!!

- Matt, VIC

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