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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

Matt was wonderful — readily available and always happy to talk through our queries. Would highly recommend!

- Adam

Matthew Styles is a very friendly and informative broker. He was able to understand my situation and communicate information appropriately.

- Calum

Very approachable and friendly staff and my advisor, in my opinon, went out of his way to help and accommodate me at all steps along the way. Very happy and also looking forward to getting the plan underway. it is great having goals to aim for again.

- Ryan

This is the first time I have used a Buyers Agent and the third investment property I have bought. Now I feel stupid for not doing this sooner. Couldn’t be happier. Matt and Christa were amazing.

- Jason

This was our first time purchasing a house so we don’t have any previous experience for comparison purposes. However, even though we were purchasing from overseas, the process was very smooth and transparent. Comments from our Mortgage Brokers were that working with Nicole Slade was one of the best experiences working with Buyers Agents that they had experienced.

- Marc

Empower Wealth have been very thorough with their information. Extremely polite and patient when explaining detailed information.

- Stephen

My wife and I needed a guiding hand to confirm and clarify the direction we needed to take to help us through to retirement. With some plans in place and a general idea of how to get there, including a simple grasp of our financial situation, it was extremely useful to have Joel at hand to break down the process of making this happen — working back from retirement to today. He did a great job at putting things in perspective and helped us take a long term view of our situation and plan accordingly. We both feel much at ease about the future and have a comprehensive plan in place to help us through to retirement. We thank Joel for all his work in helping us get there.

- Stephen

My wife thought I was silly wanting to use a Buyer’s Agent for our next investment, but after convincing her to look into it, we are both so glad we did. Sure, it’s an added expense, but it made the whole process (especially buying interstate) so much easier, plus we have the confidence of having bought a better asset at the right price. We would definitely use Empower Wealth again!

- Cam

Money worth spent as the Property Portfolio Plan provided a detailed road map towards achievement of future financial goals. David was very generous with his time during strategy meetings and was not clock bound if we went over the allocated time frames during meetings. This was supremely beneficial as that took away the stress of compressing everything in the limited time window, and allowed us to explore different ideas and options for planning of the financial future. MyWealth Portal is a brilliant tool as it captures not only current money going in/out but also future income and expenses, and then displays the result in an easy to read dashboard, as well as allows progress tracking.

- Vihar

Brendan was fantastic to work with and was able to tailor a plan to our very specific needs. Empower Wealth made the process simple and easy, but there is just no way we would have been able to do this on our own. Their advice and guidance has been invaluable. I now have the confidence and support team I need to start my investment journey.

- Amy

Joel has been nothing but helpful and accommodating throughout the whole process, he has been thorough and patient and has walked me step by step through how to achieve the optimal outcome for me considering all my current circumstances and my future plans. Very grateful for all his hard work and time.

- Dwarne

Great service from start to finish. That’s why we are a returning customer.

- Paul

Great service. We had a good experience with Empower Wealth and Stuart. We valued their feedback, honesty and contribution/ideas of how we can realise what we have planned for the future.

- Christian

We could not have been happier with the service we received from our advisor David. From the very first meeting he was accommodating, patient and knowledgeable. David made us feel very comfortable with the process and I never doubted that he had our best interests at heart. Could not be happier.

- Nathan

I’ve wanted to invest in property for over 5 years now, but just didn’t know where to start. After taking the leap and contacting Empower Wealth, it is about to become a reality. While it is exciting and terrifying at the same time, the team has been supportive, knowledgeable and patient in explaining the details to me. I feel I’m in good hands with my financial future!

- Suzy

We have been very happy with the service from Dean and the team when getting our loans! Always very easy to get in contact with and they were quick to respond to any questions. We got the loan we wanted and they made the application process very easy for us!! Would definitely use them for our next loan!

- David

We are existing clients for Empower Wealth and had our Property Portfolio Plan created with them a few years ago. Since our next purchase would be the very last property in our portfolio, we didn’t want to leave it to chance so we engaged their Buyer’s Agency as well. We were on an overseas holiday when I first spoke to our Buyer’s Agent (Christa Batt) and I couldn’t even imagine that we would be able to secure (and rent out immediately) an outperforming investment property in just a few weeks. The property we bought even exceeded both the capital growth and rental yield targets we were aiming for. Christa also managed to negotiate a discount for us, which will be used to do some repairs before our new tenants move in. The Empower Wealth team were with you the whole way and we can honestly say that it was the smoothest property purchase we’ve ever had, and we’ve done a few ourselves. We would very much recommend their Property Portfolio Plan and Buyer’s Agency to all our family and friends. Thanks again guys for giving us a bright retirement future to look forward to!

- Carlo

From start to finish the whole process has been educational, considerate and perfectly suited to our personal situation. David was very encouraging, explained each part in terms we would understand and was an overall great support to us. Could not recommend him enough. Empower Wealth took the time to go through our specific details and needs, which translated into a tailored plan where we now have the confidence to make decisions around property going forward, and know the outcome of our future is bright.

- Danielle

We look forward to our meetings with Empower Wealth and always learned something new each time. The advisers have a talent with engaging us and keeping us accountable for making decisions that will benefit us and secure our financial future. Their expertise is second to none!

- Athena

Syden provided us with the guidance and information Kathryn and I required to make an informed decision on establishing the right Defence we needed to ensure we can carry out our investment strategy with peace of mind. Both our professions were quite unique, but Syden went above and beyond to understand and learn about our situation before providing his advice and products to us. The whole process was made very easy by Syden and Samantha, in which they answered all our queries and concerns before we signed up to any product, giving us peace of mind when we did. Thank you again to Syden and the team at Empower Wealth.

- Matthew

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