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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

David’s advice was EXCELLENT. We knew we were in a good financial position but hadn’t really thought too much about retirement – who does at 40 right? David was able to give us multiple scenarios about how we could really set ourselves up for our future with options for when we can reduce our work loads and to be able to support our growing children. Thanks so much David!

- Danie, VIC

We had an excellent experience with Nicole at Empower Wealth while purchasing our next investment property. She was really engaging in her approach and listened well to our needs and concerns. She was very patient with us and kept us very well informed along the way. With her guidance, we had the absolute confidence that everything was in control from start to finish. And we are very happy with the end result.

- Nadia, NSW

Rachel is a fantastic asset to the Empower Wealth team. From when I was first contacted by Rachel, she made me feel at ease with the steps I was taking forward in my investment journey. Book that free appointment – you won’t be disappointed! The questions that are asked actually drill down into your situation, Empower Wealth aren’t fluffing about boasting about their business with the free appointment, you gain knowledge from the team from day one! Thanks Rachel.

- Brooke, NSW

Being able to see what my future holds is an amazing feeling and with your strategy I’m one step closer to financial freedom. Can’t thank you guys enough

- Nick, NSW

David was warm and positive in all of our communications. I was worried we would be judged for our previous poor investment choices, but we found that there was absolutely no judgement. David seemed to be as excited as us about the potential future of our property portfolio. He was very patient with us and explained anything we had questions or concerns about. From the very first meeting we were able to make some really important decisions about the potential sale of our current investment properties, and we left feeling very confident (and empowered!) in managing our financial situation.

- Louise, QLD

Bryan was am incredible Buyer’s Agent from start to finish. He took us through the research data and provided reasons for selecting the location and style of property. The selection of the investment property was individualised to our personal needs, for example the price point, capital growth target and yield target. The negotiating process helped us save money as Bryan had developed a relationship with the selling agent and knew what conditions would likely get us over the line. Bryan also knew how to value a property accurately as we didn’t have any idea, considering it was an interstate purchase. The after purchase process was smooth and valuable. We would have been under stress to get things like Building & Pest and Conveyancing organised, however his recommendations made this process easy. Overall we are very happy with the process. The only part of the process yet to be determined will be the property’s performance in both the short and long term.

- Matt, VIC

We could not recommend these guys more! Hayley and I have both had a desire to own property but it wasn’t until a year or so ago until I found The Property Couch Podcast. This is where our journey kicked off. Reading the books & listening to the podcast got us excited about the process, and it was a natural progression for us to seek out Empower Wealth. We initially met with them, and were told we still needed to work to achieve 3 particular targets before we could progress. This was the kick that we needed. We gave ourselves a target of 9 months but achieved it in 6 months as we followed the Money Smarts system.
Going back 6 months later after our initial visit, and being able to go through the Property Portfolio Plan with Rachel has been a great experience, and has given us clear goals and targets to work towards and monitor for the next 23 years until we retire.
We are now 1 week into looking for our first investment property after receiving the plan and we couldn’t be more excited!

- Ben, NSW

Nicole was so passionate about finding the right property for us, we really felt confident we would get the best outcome, and we did. We are delighted with our purchase. Nicole is a true buyers advocate and we really appreciate the energy she put into finding us the best investment property. Nicole was also instrumental in finding property managers which has been essential in making our property investment journey even smoother. I miss our discussions on the pros and cons of potential purchases!
I’m looking forward to working with Nicole in the future.

- Patrick, NSW

We’ve been working on securing our financial future, however for the past few years, we have felt that our process had been marking time rather than building financial security. David Robertson from Empower Wealth, helped solve this for us by providing clarity to our portfolio, and we now feel confident in the planned next steps.

- Travis and Nadelle, SA

Paul was extremely knowledgeable and really incorporated all of our circumstances and individual plans into the overall property strategy. I had wondered if we could achieve our goals and retire when we wanted to, so we were super delighted to see that was possible. I just feel disappointed that I didn’t contact you guys sooner as we tried to do too much of it ourselves in the past!

- Emma, VIC

Liz and Hong have been absolutely amazing, my process was a little bit complicated but they did it so easy for me. I highly recommend having financial planning with them. They will help you all the way with your specific needs, their professionalism, customer service and reliability. They went above and beyond with the work they did. They are friendly, definitely made my experience with it all stress free. Thank you very much Liz and Hong.

- Natalie, VIC

David and the team at Empower Wealth were very professional, knowledgeable and understanding of my needs in mapping out my investment property portfolio. David was a pleasure to work with and would always take the extra time to answer any questions and make sure that I had a thorough understanding of investment related processes. I would highly recommend David and the team at EW to anyone who is thinking about investing in property.

- Justin, QLD

I never spend the time to write reviews but with the service I received from Rachel I had to. As a first time investor who found this process quite daunting, Rachel immediately set me at ease from our very first chat. I found her very personable and genuine during our conversations. Rachel outlined the end goal that was best suited for my situation and then broke it down for me step by step. It was very reassuring to know exactly what I had to do reach my goals. Rachel is a true asset to your company. I have already and will continue to recommend my friends to Rachel. I look forward to receiving Rachel’s expertise when I return for my next property purchase.

- Alex, NSW

Brilliant, would recommend to friends and family.

- Thomas, NSW

My wife and I are genuinely very happy with the outcome of our engagement of EW to prepare our Property Portfolio Plan. Brendan did a fantastic job in preparing a plan that catered for our current and future lifestyles while meeting our retirement target of $2k per week passive income. The conservative nature of the plan is both comforting and encouraging and we have every reason to believe we are well placed to achieve our retirement goals.

- Ross, VIC

We cannot recommend Christa and her team enough. Working closely with us, closely with Sarah and her team (with the finance-side of things) – she shared her knowledge, her expertise, and she made the effort to get to know us as a couple. The customer service was impeccable, the overall experience was seamless, and ultimately was successful! We would highly recommend their services, so much so that we will definitely be using the BA service when it’s time to buy again!

- Rebekah and Alessandro

I never spend the time to write feedback but with the amazing experience I had with Christa I just had to. She constantly kept me in the loop and at no point was I unaware of the progress with my property purchase. This was very reassuring as an interstate investor. Christa was always accommodating to my work schedule, often taking calls outside of normal work hours. I found her extremely thorough and professional. Christa is a true asset to your company. I have already and will continue to recommend my friends to Christa.

- Alex, NSW

It has been an amazing journey going through the development of our Property Plan with Stuart and the team at Empower Wealth. I had started developing an initial wealth plan using Microsoft Money, but found a crucial gap in how to “retire all the debts”. Not only did Stuart show me how this works within the EW system, we also identified that with our strong superannuation accounts and the acquisition of ONLY 2 more investment properties my wife and I will have the option to RETIRE, DEBT FREE and earning over $130K YoY passive income within 25 years!
Thank you to TPC and Empower Wealth Teams for doing what you do. Keep up teaching the power of financial literacy and I’ll keep spreading the word of TPC, EW and that it’s as easy as ABCD!

- Toui, NSW

Liz and Sam have been great. Liz was very flexible with her time, despite the time difference being in WA, she was very accommodating and was able to answer calls after hours.

- Sath, WA

Elvin made the whole experience such a pleasure. There is nothing more he could have done to make the experience any better. Have already recommended him to others.

- Danielle, VC

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